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  • This is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone. It measures current from AC or DC without any loss in load voltage. However there is a minor inherit problem. Because the output is Ratio-metric, which means with no load the out is 1/2 of Vcc. It also means if Vcc changes the output will also change that could cause inaccurate readings.

    To fixed this simply add a very stable 5V voltage reference thats capable of 20ma. I use these everywhere in my solar panel monitoring project

  • @Tenacious_Techhunter ... I like your excellent ideas for improvements. However I feel like your missing the point of this soldering project board. its to help someone learn to solder, build a piece of test equipment and have fun at the same time. you are 100% correct. It isn't very accurate but it is inexpensive.

    Try this simple idea to improve the accuracy to almost dead on. install a trim pot in series with the output. Then add a small cheap basic multimeter connected thru a momentary push button. This will enable the user to fine tune the resistance that they have dialed in. The button removes the meter from the circuit. Still have the issue with inductance, however if your circuit is that picky then you shouldn't be using a decade box anyway.