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  • I own one of these and I love it. I just wish the openings for the micro USB and composite video were a bit bigger. My composite video cable plugs in but won't go all the way. This is the one I have: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0033SN3PU/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i01

    Anyhow, these things are minor nuances that can easily be fixed by a Dremel or perhaps an Exacto knife.

  • Just buy three and wrap them with duct tape. ;) ~wink~

  • These modules use ASK modulation, therefore there must be a balance between 1's and 0's otherwise you will transmit/receive junk.
    Before transmitting the actual data, you should first send a short preamble of 1's and 0's so that the receiver tunes in.
    Also, you may want to use a 4-to-6 bit encoding scheme to maintain the DC balance I mentioned earlier. That is, for every 4 bit combination, you will have a 6 bit word with balanced 1's and 0's that you will use instead. Don't just send four 0's straight or the receiver will desynchronize.

  • I developed a simple-yet-comprehensive library for Arduino to use this sensor.
    It contains two examples, one that basically just reads the axes and a more advanced one that uses the interrupt functionality of the ITG-3200.
    You can find a feature list on the README file.
    Source Code:
    Direct Download:

  • 6m! good luck!

  • 6m! good luck!

  • M-Short, I believe you meant Numeral Systems instead of Number Systems for the title of this tutorial.

  • Indeed. Breadboards are NOT suitable for high speed digital circuits because of the capacitance between each row.
    Here's how the inside of a breadboard looks (from Wikipedia): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Insidebreadboard_(5).jpg
    So it's not literally a strip of metal.

  • Recently I started building a Quadcopter.
    Here's a block diagram containing all sensors, motors, batteries, etc.: https://docs.google.com/drawings/edit?id=1t06OLpFYCFmdNXOrJuLWWpwrayv5raJKaqBrnbuiRJ4&hl=en

  • Aww... these went out of stock right when I was ready to buy one :s

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