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  • Thanks for the info, makes sense. I don't want to deal with BGAs either, fine point or otherwise :)

  • Is there a reason you guys don't source these yourself?

    Lets face it, no one is coming anywhere near making enough of these things for reasons that are well beyond me.

    There is no way the original sourcers are now unaware of demand and are unable to fulfill orders in less than six months time. Hell, you could build the factory in less time than it takes to source these things.

    Might as well move on to something else.

    I know these isn't a Sparkfun issue, but the availability of the RPi is nothing less than absolutely stunningly pathetic across the board.

  • For a full time software engineer of 30 years, you seem to have 0 experience in the home hacking arena.

    You seem to think its supposed to be a full featured complete kit with fully functional libraries for doing everything and probably a nice pretty windows installer to.

    You seem to utterly fail to understand the concept of 'less is more'. The product you are referring to is basically for those of us who just want to avoid soldering the components to the boards ourselves but otherwise want nothing in our way. I want to control every single instruction that gets executed, so adding more stuff is pretty much exactly the opposite of the point of these sort of things.

    I also think its fairly clear you don't understand WHY that particular API is split like it is.

    Are you sure you're a software developer?

  • Adding too that the Earths gravity is so low (relative to the amount needed to make an impact) that it has no practical effect on light/radiation in just about any situation.

  • It should be noted that a Yagi on the receiving side is bad for your signal. All it will do is reduce the effectiveness of the signal you do receive as it has a tiny little entry port. Yagi antennas simple help to focus the transmission into a smaller beam like signal rather than omni directional.


    You CAN use one on the receiver IF using one on the transmitter as it helps to block out external noise sources from everywhere but in line with your transmitter on the other end of the link. Yagi antennas will ONLY LOWER YOUR INCOMING SINGLE STRENGTH ON THE RECEIVING SIDE, NEVER RAISE IT. You may increase your SnR in certain environments, but in the example above, open artic ice sheets where you have 0 outside interference using a Yagi on the receiving side is just dumb.

  • I'm using an freshly ordered EasyStepper, tried half, quarter and eigth step modes, can't seem to get anything useful out of it.
    I'm driving it with an Arduino running the RepRap GCode firmware, and I've tried it using a 2khz output from a DSO Nano scope, above 2khz it turns into a stutter.

  • What sort of speed should I be able to get out of this motor?
    I can't seem to get more than about 60RPM out of it, seems a little slow?