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  • I am stuck trying to use avrdude from the command prompt to 'check in' with the atmega 328 (or is this the Atmega328P? It says P on the chip but not on the sparkfun product page) Whichever one it is, the DIP is on the breadboard and wired for power and wired to the 6 pin programming header via USBtinyISP. Everything seems to be in place exactly perfectly, avrdude says 'hello' to the USBtinyISP but not to the chip. What is the exact command line to get avrdude to 'register' with the chip?

  • This is a great lecture and it gets all this cool raw electronics gear in your hands. Pretty new to electronics so this is perfect. This simple circuit put together with an LED and everything, taken along with the first 50 pages or so of Electrical Engineering 101, has really helped me to feel like I got my feet wet. Fun!

  • I only have USB ports as I am exclusively using my laptop. I guess I am going to buy the USBtinyISP AVR Programmer but I need help re-creating the items list for this kit so that I end up with the precisely correct components (minus the port programmer and extension cable, of course.) My problem is that the exact individual sku's are not provided on the product page for the kit and, unlike other kits, this one is invoiced as a single item, making al la cart picks impossible for a dumb newbie like me. Please help!

  • Everyone thinks it was so funny when George W. Bush said, "The Internets." They think it was funny because he used a plural to describe what everyone assumes is a singular. I think it was a slip of the tongue and that he knows more about it than any of us.

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