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Favicons of the "Internets"

Where does SparkFun fit in the top 300,000 websites?

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The internet is a big place. Like, a really big place. Like a place so big, with so much information, that it's really difficult to comprehend how much is going on out there on the "internets." Recently Pearce, one of our Tech Support guys, stumbled across this cool image that helps bring it ever-so-slightly into focus.

Click on the image for a large (ok, really large) version.

That is a visualization of the 300,000 most visited websites. The larger the websites favicon, the more popular it is. You can easily see the big boys - Google, MSN, Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. But what about the smaller sites? Let's zoom in a bit.

Zooming in a little bit more, you can spot IMDB, Bing, and AT&T. Anyone spot SparkFun yet? We're in there somewhere, but if you can see us, you must have eyes like a hawk because we are still pretty darn small. Let's take it one more step.

We are getting close, but still pretty tough. I can make out Comcast up top, Target near the middle between MSN and Wikipedia, plus a whole slew of other websites (a few I know, and a whole bunch I don't). But wait a second, what is that little spot next to SFR (which seems to be a French tel-com company? I think? My 9th grade French is not holding up)? Could it be...

Hey look! It's the SparkFun flame in all its geeky glory. Aw, we look so cute underneath Google's gigantic favicon of dominance! So just how small (or big?) are we? Well, let's put it this way. As we mentioned, this image shows the 300,000 most visited websites on the entire internet and is 37,440 x 37,440 pixels. Google, the biggest icon, is 11,936 x 11,936 pixels. The smallest icons (the little tiny dots on the outskirts), are only 16 x 16 pixels and have approximately 0.0001% reach. So where do we fit in? Well, we certainly aren't the smallest! The SparkFun "flamicon" (I just made that up. Seriously. Just now.) is 112 x 112 pixels. Not too bad! Anyways, we thought this was a pretty cool image and just had to share. Thanks for taking us from the 16 x 16 pixel range to something a little more respectable!

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  • I'm sure that having sparkfun as my home page helped, as much as I use my laptop! and i'm sure i'm not the only one with Sparkfun as their home page

  • Yes SFR is a french tel com company.

  • im slightly sad arduino.cc didn't make the map...we need more open source in the world

  • Nope.
    Bush's "Tribal Sovereignty" will always be the best. Not to mention... Lest we forget our man, the late, great, Mr. Tubes himself, Ted Stevens.
    BTW -- You are where you are and will continue to flourish and grow because you take care of us. I have yet to have an order take more than 3 days, period. You guys give a damn about your company and your World and it shows. So many giant evil corporations... This is what a company looks like when run by Hippies and Geeks --and this is a good thing.
    Godspeed and Namaste.

  • Everyone thinks it was so funny when George W. Bush said, "The Internets." They think it was funny because he used a plural to describe what everyone assumes is a singular. I think it was a slip of the tongue and that he knows more about it than any of us.

    • Everything he ever said was funny. "They misunderestimated me," "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?," "my views are one that speaks to freedom," "I think we agree, the past is over."

    • It wasn't a slip of the tongue, there actually are TWO INTERNETS!!, The one we all know and love for it's trojans, worms, spam, pr0n, banner advertising and so on, and the one the big research institutions and universities setup since all us normal folk hijacked their network, to continue to do research on future IP technologies, and shift massive quantities of research data around the world. So technically "Internets" is correct.

  • Someone should make a script making one of these each day/week/month/something starting ten years age and make a video.. I'd love to see that.

  • Google is so big it's been pixelated beyond recognition.

  • Very cool, guys! Way to go!

  • Pretty cool, congrats.

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