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  • One more thing, what does Kickstarter take off the top? 10%? A project like my car senerio they should comp at best or a small flat charge. Perhaps a charity kickstarter site. They way I see it...

  • I understand her response but it's not relevant to 185808 comment which I agree with. Analogy time... Toyota Kickstarter program to travel throughout the US to teach young adults defensive driving skills. Good idea. Toyota will only use their vehicles. What do you think? Definitely not intersting in funding. Now change it.

    Same senerio but instead Toyota will also use vehicles from GM, Honda, Porsche, BMW and other manufacturers. Now I may be intersted in funding a kickstarter project.


  • I can't get behind this project. I agree with some comments from the other day but Sparkfun, you are a good company with good core values.

  • Hold on, I thought it had to be fully funded to receive any money. All or nothing.

  • I now pronouce you Banana and Monkey. You may now eat the banana.

  • Hey Guys....girls. I tried for the free day but couldn't get connected. I thank Sparkfun for the opportunity, thank them for the support and products.
    Sparkfun...don't pay attention to the negative comments.
    You have a great customer base and growing!

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