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  • I want to use this for the same reason as prowin, extra long leads. Does this fit in a standard breadboard?

  • Finally!!!!!!!!!

    jumper wires that are non-keyed (JST RE connectors) and work with standard 0.1" headers
    I had to go to Fry’s and buy some build your own headers and hack up some IDE cable before.

  • You mean sheep?
    (I’m a SoCal guy too.)

  • Chickens are nice.
    I wish Gravatar was implemented more widely, that way I would only have to change one to change my avatar on all my sites.

  • OK, maybe I just didn’t click hard enough. But I never actually got to question 1. Im on Mac/FF/TWC. Next year I am going to go to some large company or data center and hard wire myself into the backbone damn it!

  • ITS A FAKE!!! I want to know how many people actually got through all 10 questions and what OS, Browser, and ISP they were using. I spent the whole time getting timeouts and connection errors.

  • I see this sort of thing in big red box’s future: http://www.m5industries.com/m5i.html
    I want to see it complete with Arduino brain, SFE branded flame thrower and more! Anyone have any other cool add-ons it needs???

  • You only get that box if you order one of everything :) lol

  • “Just quit your bitchin', bite your tongue, save it for a rainy day, son” -Smash Mouth

  • Here is what you do if you are in school: 1) Don’t go to school that day or 2) Goto the “bathroom”, then head to the library or any other computer lab. Wear a sweatshirt so you can take a notebook of some sort. (sweatshirt so you can hide the notebook from the teacher as this looks odd if you are going to the bathroom.) (and notebook so you can say you are doing some report or something.) or 3) you can pay me to purchase your things for you. I think $40 is fair. That way you still save $60.
    Aw the days of testing my social engineering skills at high school.