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  • perpetual i2c errors on esp8266. works ok on a uno. someone mentioned a clock stretching issue? Will try Wire.setClockStretchLimit(500L);

  • I made one of these. researched the frequency of a common cricket, and used a arduino nano and a thermistor in addition to the photocell, so that the chirp rate was temperature compensated.

  • One of my goto pranks is unplugging a phone handset at work, covering the contacts with clear tape, and plugging it back in. Then proceed to call that extension repeatedly. Here is another of my favorites called "pack the cubicle"

  • Color me impressed. I'm thinking a raspberry pi compute module slot would be a nice addition, or at least on a adapter card. There's got to be a clean way to integrate a raspberry pi in there somewhere to leverage the strength of both platforms. I use the pi to collect and store the data from my arduino / esp8266 sensor packs.

  • I could see this as a computer confirmation and timing in slalom skiing. See which posts were missed, and timing in sections and overall.

  • If he's fine, then you are both confused. The temporary stay does not attack immigrants or refugees. It's a temporary travel ban from countries that export terrorism (Obama labeled them such) until out vetting procedures can be evaluated. You have made a ineffective political post that at best, will lose you a chunk of your customer base.

  • Then speak for yourself on another venue. You are alienating your customers, which is never a good business decision.

  • I'm opposed to your opposition. You clearly don't understand it's not a ban on any one people or religion, it's a temporary stay on travel from countries that export terrorism until we can get better vetting controls in place. Obama and other presidents did the same. I'll take my business to a company that sticks to selling good products, and doesn't get involved in fake political issues.

  • Will this work with a pressure sensor where all 4 legs of the wheatstone are variable?

  • Looks like you can PWM the enable pin for speed control?