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  • A wrist watch you can button to your wrist, possibly effectively closing a circuit(main power, LEDs On/Off, etc...). The wrist watch could use a few 7 segment displays or a small LCD to display simple numeric values or flash whole sentences. Sensors could be tied into the device as well, such as, temperature(ambient or skin), humidity, air pressure (elevation), or even simple voltmeter/current meter (maybe < 100v/1A) functionality with small clip on connectors for probes. Something like this could even be powered by small Peltier devices (thermometric generator) or a small solar panel. Didn't read any of the other ideas so I hope this one isn't a ditto!

  • This is James, he is the coolest guy at Sparkfun... really.

  • On tuesday December 6, Sparkfun scientists created a new species of animal, part human, part cow, smarter than both. "Betty", as she prefers to be called, proceeded to enslave the Sparfun staff and steal their most stylish of footwear.

  • After years of intensive plastic surgery the Michelin Man almost resembles a man again. Although he will never be featured on television again.

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