A Good Ol' Fashioned Caption Contest

Check out this month's SparkFun Caption Contest!

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It's been a while since our last caption contest, so we decided it was about time to bring it back. For this contest, the lucky winner will receive - (drum roll, please) - the Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis! If you want to potentially win one, check out the picture below and leave your best caption in the comments. We'll accept entries from now until 9 AM mountain time tomorrow (Feb. 17th, 2012).

"Your Caption Here"

With its six wheels and 34:1 ratio, if you win, you'll instantly become the coolest kid on the block with this awesome off-roading chassis. Don't believe me? Check out this product video from a few weeks back (forward to about 14 minutes):

Alright - so leave your best caption on the picture above and we'll announce the winner at the beginnings of tomorrow's new product post. Best of luck!

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