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I grew up a engineer, building tiny things here and there. Once I got to high school and got a job I was able to build more complex/ expensive things. I have designed and built a DIY Segeway, a Autonomous robotic Lawnmower for my yard that uses video/image processing to determine where to cut and what obstacles to avoid. For my senior project in high school I built a Search and Rescue Robot called RES-Q-ME that would use video/ radar and GPS to determine where people were and report back their GPS data so they could be rescued. It also featured 2 way communication to talk with the person who needed to be rescued and determine medical needs. and all of it fit within the palm of your hand. they could also be used as a swarm and map areas by themselves.


I don’t really know what my “Role” is but I guess I’m and electrical engineer that likes to build robots for fun.


I develope my time to teach younger kids the importance of technology. I co-coach several FLL (FIRST Lego Robotics League) as well as provide financial/ Engineering support for my old High-Schools robotics clubs. I teach the kids how to build robots and then we fight them against each other. I started an intern-ship at Rolls-Royce Nuclear while in high-school and than when it ended I was hired back on part time as an EE and I have worked there four years now working my way up.

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  • I am quite pleased with this servo. I use it to pan a sharp infrared sensor back and forth. It operates at 5 volts and works fine with my arduino. It is quite fast and docent make much noise. Overall it is a nice servo for what I need.

  • thanks that helps

  • This motor driver is amazing. It is so small and so reliable. I use it to drive my iphone controlled search and rescue robot. It drives 4 micro 100/1 motors and tracks.The size of the board makes even better. The only con is that it does not have protection against back EMF. Overall very pleased.

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