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  • Thanks Jason! It was definitely interesting to try to balance that and stay on honor roll. Can't wait for MOE to start again!

    (For anyone who doesn't understand, FIRST is an international robotics competition for all ages. I do FRC which is a competition for highschoolers and I am on a team named MOE- Miracles of Engineering. We source a lot of our parts from Sparkfun, particularly the Maxbotix Ultrasonic Sensors)

  • They are indeed! I'm not sure if anyone else has some the same, but I've found Legos to be a great mounting system. I just hot glued Legos to all of the components. (Arduinos etc) If I wanted to move something around or replace something quickly it only took two clicks.

  • When you're a teenager with a limited budget, you naturally use as many recycled parts as possible. On all my projects, I've scraped together everything from Christmas money to award money to selling gift cards I've received. Of course, It doesn't make sense to use recycled parts in every situation - I could not have created ALAIR without off-the-shelf parts. There are certainly limitations to recycled parts, but that doesn't keep me (most of us?) from wanting to save money, especially on the prototyping level.

    The amazing part of recycled parts is that when something is mass-produced, the parts can all obtained at a very low cost. Printers are a great example. A 5 dollar printer from a yard sale can yield a huge amount of motors, gears, shafts, etc. that could be the perfect answer to many situations. Why not use them? Another example is a drawer bearing slide. For ALAIR, I salvaged 4 perfectly great bearing slides from an old desk and converted them into linear slides. If I were to try to buy them off the shelf, they would have cost at least 200 dollars. Recycling parts can really help reduce the cost of prototyping.

  • Some men just like to watch LEDs burn.

  • "I have no clue what I'm doing"

  • yes, indeed... i have screenshots of about 50 "error" screens I received while trying to participate... I guess "that's not right" and "that's not fair" don't apply here...??

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