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  • This is definitely NSFW but really cracked me up. siri argument "Would you like to know about local florists?"

    On a more serious note. I sure don't get having a conversation about watching a channel. Pushing a button takes a second. Asking siri to change the channel just seems like a waste of time.

  • Why is it people say "radiation particles"? Particles of radioactive material would be ok. Or radioactive particles. Or even radioactivity. Typically, there is some radioactive matter that has been wind-born or, in Japan, from contaminated ground water seepage. The better articles I've read talk about detecting cesium or iodine isotopes.

  • This is pretty silly. There should be a design that allows multiple probes to be plugged into the main board. So, at the least, you could share the cost over multiple plants.
    Also, it really is a bad idea to have power and water so close, especially with that cutesy, unpackaged circuit board. If that isn't obvious now, the first time you water the botanicalls instead of the plant, it will be...
    By the way, the botanicalls forum seems to be broken - all the discussions point into outerspace...

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