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  • "Pricing is for one assembled unit which includes the LED and black plastic holder"

    NOT the 4 LED PCB assembly shown. It took me way too long to realize what you are selling here.

    "opaque 5mm LED"

    Hmmm. Did you fk up and mean "diffused"?

  • Sealed lead acid, Lithium iron phosphate (LiPo).

    Looks like Sparkfun has gotten into selling junk products without evaluating them, joining the race to the bottom with Amazon, Newegg, etc. Too bad.

  • That's beautiful and so true. Of course my only though was that they're gonna need a "NOT CANDY, NOT EDIBLE" sticker on there so some stoned student doesn't eat a handful of LEDs.

  • Does this board come with the appropriate antenna tuning cap value to use in setup, like the one from PlayingWithFusion does?

    And beware; these things are quite sensitive to noise from things like switching power supplies and neopixels. My AS3935 neopixel lightning detector required a linear power supply and some distance from the neopixels to work.

  • That's a lot of markup. You can buy all the parts in the small parts kit, in single unit quantities, for about $11 over at Tayda. And the Tayda stock is apparently not limited like it is here, you can get as many as you want.

  • Nice to see Redboard Edge was designed using KiCad; hopefully this is a new trend at Sparkfun. Thanks N.Poole!

  • Almost 60 percent don’t share at all; I suppose that 60 percent are non-millenials (joke).

    I don't get it; would you ELI5 please?

  • What are those, machine screws in raw plastic? You do know Sparkfun sells the heat set inserts, right? Or just use sheet metal screws.

    For 3D CAD there's also Cubify Invent, about $50, it has no limits and works well enough but it's not well supported.

  • What other 3D printed devices do you recommend for helping you organize or build your projects?

    Instead of bitey alligator clips, try some soft jaw spring clamps. Here's an example with a 3D printed base, Panavise #201, and flex pipe arrangement using the soft jaw clamps.

  • Using Reddit instead of the datasheet is a bad idea. There is not really an "interrupt buffer"; there are, however, event triggered interrupt flags for each peripheral which will pend until they are handled. So assuming interrupts A, B, and C are event triggered interrupts they will all be remembered and handled. Another type of interrupt is level interrupts, which will only trigger if interrupts are enabled at the time the interrupt signal is present; so a level interrupt will not be remembered and will not trigger if another interrupt is in progress.