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  • Include the headers but don’t solder them into place. Sometimes I want to use a different style of header, or none, so they have to be removed anyway. Plus boards usually survive shipping better without the headers attached.

  • The Tx pin is wired, not Rx, and it’ll send out a default information stream by itself. The Rx pin is needed to send it commands, but the skimpy documentation leaves us guessing at what commands will work.

  • He’s right; just taking into account the number of Pro Mini’s that I’ve bought on eBay would wreck their pie chart.

  • Since this was a fake bomb, the proper procedure is to throw it out the window, at which time it should immediately detonate and provide an entertaining fake explosion.

  • CBT can be quite effective against some types of depression. But it requires self-awareness to recognize the onset of a depression episode. The sooner the onset of an episode is detected the more effective the CBT becomes, so if you can create a device that detects the onset of depression quickly it could certainly help people.

    Anxiety disorder is tough to fight and I feel for you. Avoid retriggering, stress, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, hope for the best, and never give up.

  • It’s most likely just tracking the amount of power it takes for the IR receiver to detect the signal (by varying the LED power with the PIC DAC); the power required corresponds to the distance to the object. This is done with each LED separately and then the results are combined to calculate the X and Z positions.

  • Sure it would work; it should be interesting to see if you get better performance than a simple voltage divider and a 10 bit A/D. The eTape Wheatstone bridge configuration will give a full scale signal that’s practically linear, which is very convenient. Referring to the eTape datasheet, try using 75K for R1,R2 and 900 Ohms for Rref to get a +/-40mV signal for the HX711.

  • You are correct; this is not a true RS485 implementation. It’s more like SAE J1708, which is an OR-tied differential bus that runs at 9600 baud.

  • In Soviet Russia, Redbot programs you to follow lines.