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  • Kind of odd this screen is $140. While 4DSystems sell it for $99. Good screen, will buy one real soon

  • I you saying running the display at 9600 with a host or by itself?
    I have used the display at 115200 baud when interfaced to my micro controller. Also, if you are using the FAT controller, just changing the baud rate shouldn't be a problem.

  • Lipo batteries from here at Sparkfun work well. I recommend getting the 2000mah Lipo battery.

  • All you really need to do is build a simple voltage divider circuit for the TX pin only of the GE865 from your 5-volt microprocessor. I tried getting it to work with the logic level converter i bought from sparkfun but didn't work for me. But the interesting thing is the RX pin of the GE865 goes up to 2.9V when power is applied to the module. while TX is at 0 volts that is the pin you want your the voltage to be at 2.8 mines read 2.88-2.89v. for the voltage divider circuit i just experimented with different resistor values just makes sure the first resistor in the circuit is less than 10K ohms.

  • Finally got this module working after spending countless hours to talk to it with my PIC. The problem i had was to bypass the logic level converter that i bought from sparkfun and build my own voltage divider circuit which worked for me. The device seems to respond kinda slow but overall im satisfied.

  • I know some of you are really angry after reading some of your post and I don't blame you. I knew i wasn't going to pass the quiz so i just took loyality funds. You know what would have made FreeDay better. They should have made it were they give you $100 to spend instead of taking the quiz to get it. Now that would have been way better. I had to refresh the website to get in the entire time. Overall, it was worth it.

  • Yes, all you have to do is load the latest SGC-pmmc file into the display. The display is shipped with the GFX-pmmc i think because mines was just like this. Go to the and download the pmmc loader and the SGC pmmc file as well. Afterwards, you will be able to send serial commands to the display using any microcontroller. However, you must have the 4Dsystems serial connector for the display in order to download both 4DGL programs and the serial pmmc files.

  • Cool!!! I always wanted to build a Simon game just like this one. I didn't go to a high school that had electronic courses or clubs so, I was pretty much on my own in learning electronics. But anyway, I love the tutorial would make a good beginners project. Can't wait to buy one.

  • I have to agree as well. However, it really isn't Sparkfun's fault on the price. If you go to 4D Systems the price would probably be the same or higher. If 4D systems really want to sell displays at a price like this the It needs to be able to do a lot of stuff such as displaying webpages in HTML for example. I really don't see the point in 4D Systems selling a low resolution screen for this price especially when the display is slooooooooooooooooow. I have the uOLED-32024-P1 and I'm sending commands at 115200 with a picmicro which allowed me to get the display to speed up reponse in displaying circles, text and rectangles.

  • If anyone has purchased this module and any other 320XX-P1 series the displays from sparkfun or any other distribuctor can now be used with any host microcontroller. All you have to do is go to 4Dsystems website and download the pmmc file for your display.

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