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  • I would like to know a supplier for the actual printer. like this Though this printer would work for my project, i need the actual "Printer" so i can run the paper through a second stage of lamination, followed by a serrated edge where it comes out. So that would mean this wont work. I would get the one on digikey (linked above,) but it is to expensive. I need it under $50.00 That is why, I would like to know the supplier and part number for the printer used in this product.

  • Can the strip be cut smaller so it is only half a meter long?

  • "SparkFun: Where anything can be reused, and nothing is thrown away"


    "Sparkfun: Where they will hire anyone!"

  • I would love to win the Google+ giveaway, but I am < 18, so cannot join. I hope replying here will still count. My favorite products would be the lab coat and the hoodie. Not really electronic, but really show the Spark Fun Spirit. I also, obviously, like the Big Time Watch Kit

  • Is this by any chance waterproof? I need to try to measure PSI for a baking soda and vinegar volcano with it. Would that be possible? Since it is released by the 12V Solenoid Valve, I need to make sure the pressure is over 3 PSI, and doesn't go ever the maximum for the container. Thanks in advance. (When I'm done, I might post it on my website)

  • Is this solder better than other?

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