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  • Hi, I work at Parallax and yes, we do sell the PING))) for much more than the HC-SR04. Quite a bit is happening in the micro on the PING))), allowing it to work in noisier environments more accurately with high resolution.

    As much as I wish we did, we don't make huge profits - We cater to schools, and schools need durable, reliable parts and in-depth, thorough documentation and support. All of our revenue gets reinvested in making open-source curriculum materials for schools and R&D on future products that support maker education. Hobbyists are comfortable digging around the web to find what they need to get a project of the ground, but students and teachers don't usually have the patience or the time, so we work hard to get everything they need in one place and as user-friendly as possible.

    I know Sparkfun is working on supporting maker education too, and I know that when you purchase from Sparkfun, Adafruit, and Parallax, you're supporting American manufacturing, jobs, and the work we all do with and for schools.

  • I'm here for the military grade Magic Blue Smoke, not that wimpy siracha wasabi stuff those other guys seem to be here for.

  • Excuse me, Um, I believe you have my stapler.

  • All that stands between Thor and the Lightning of his Hammer is a piezo sensor, a 555, a LiPo, some caps, and a compact Tesla Coil...

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