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  • Yeah, two months of (sporadic) work later and it doesn’t look easily possible. It would take some doing, but could be achieved with the TinyWireM library + some mods on the Sparkfun lib.

  • Can someone confirm that FM frequency is set as a three-digit integer (ie 99.5FM would be 995)? In the Hookup Guide it shows channels like 996, or is that for non-US radio frequencies?

  • The SLP function puts the motor to sleep – how do I “pull it low” from my Arduino? I’m guessing that means connect to ground, right?

  • Thanks M-Short! I’ve compiled lots of things for ATtiny chips in the past, but I think the interrupts etc are different. The library wouldn’t compile for me for ATtiny, but not because of memory I don’t think.

  • My embedded programming is pretty bad – would it be possible to adapt the library for an ATtiny 85?

  • No code on the Github link! Not sure if they used to have some and it was deleted? Would be great if Sparkfun put together a tutorial on controlling this arm via code.

  • I miss the red box-wall… :(

  • Which direction do these go in the Eagle library? Is the front the end with the little circle or the long rectangle?

  • Looking through the documents above and the comments below, I’m not entirely sure how to use the sleep functionality of the board:
    1. Do I simply use another digital pin and set it HIGH to sleep and LOW to wake the board up again?
    2. What does this accomplish? Does it mean I won’t be pulling energy from my power supply (or significantly less) when asleep?

  • Could SparkFun add a holes to solder in a 10uF cap to disable reset? Testing on both my Duemalianove and Uno it appears it is needed, even after bridging the gap to the reset resistor. Seems to be plenty of room!

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