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  • Welcome aboard Glenn!

  • Just curious, is there any reason this wasn’t designed with copper pours?

  • Just want to say great job to Sparkfun for breaking out all the capabilities of these ICs. I know most of the use cases won’t need a thermistor, but it is infuriating when you have a board with a capable part but it isn’t in an accessible area since the designer didn’t think it would get used.

    Great job guys.

  • Arduino is great to get people into the hobby of embedded space, but in professional practice, it makes me cry

  • In case that one doesn’t work for somebody, check out the AS1130 from austria microsystems. Same amount of LEDs as the linked one, just another option

  • I’d argue the 8-pin route is better.
    9-pins spans more than one port on AVR controllers. If it was 9 pins, I’d have to :

    DDRB |= 0xFFu;
    DDRC |= 0x01u;
    PORTB |= 0x55u;
    PORTC |= 0x01u;

    It is double the code your way.

    8-pins is much better and allows for more compact code.

  • Yes finally you guys offer charlieplexed led boards! This should have been done a long time ago but I’m so glad its finally here

  • I would be wary of these micro-USB connectors that don’t have any through hole solder joints. Just having the two solder points on top without any mechanical support make them incredibly weak.

  • It means that it was out of stock while you were checking out. “Backorder” typically means you pay for it and then it ships when they are in stock again.

    Edit: They tweeted that if it says it is backordered, it will be fulfilled

  • Got one! 1.5s went INSANELY fast. Thankfully got a .5