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  • Haven’t seen a $2 bill in ages!

  • As always, awesome video.

    Super glad you touched on the efficiency aspect. There are so many people in industry who look at a PMIC that says “Up to 96% efficiency” and then assume you’ll get that regardless.

  • Great article, I always wondered what all the hulla-baloo was around these things.

  • It seems that the Eagle files for this are a bit off. I recently made a video using this board and it turns out that the names of the signals going to the connectors aren’t named properly. For instances, the signal next to SWT-GND1 silkscreen is actually SWT-GND2, and its the same for the LED-GND signals.

    I know this is an old board, made by the CEO himself ages ago but it is just something to note.

  • True, still makes me question their review process though. I mean this should have been caught by the simplest technical review. Hopefully they can do the temp fix in-house before they ship em out just to keep up the level of service.

  • Whoa, I don’t think you’re reading it wrong. Hopefully its just a documentation error.

  • Are these waterproof? I’m thinking this might be a nice solution to a rain sensor

  • True, they would be the same power rating. Quite frankly though, for a hobbyist, they don’t need this kind of functionality, a simple potentiometer will generally do the trick for rough estimates, which is only what this box is good for. For professional work, such as time-efficient testing of power supplies, this box is horribly underpowered, sporting tiny pth resistors.

  • That probably wouldn’t be the best idea. Generally most of the applications that one would use a resistor box in would exceed the power acceptance of SMD resistors.

  • Lebowski slowly realizes that after his years and years of studying wizardry, he’ll always teleport back to the castle of wierdos.