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  • Why not extrude an entire meal?

  • Thanks for the reply, I figured it out. The LED strip I was running was being powered from the board, so it was drawing way too much current, causing the board to overload and shut down.

  • I agree. There were plenty more funny than this. From what it sounds the winner unknowingly stumbled upon an inside joke, or something similar. I have never seen anything that shows a "penchant" for dancing, but maybe that's just me. Ah well, it's their money and they can use it how they please.

    But if you guys do make a video where some Sparkfun people dance, I would love to see it.

  • That is excellent.

  • "Alright guy's, we may have a wide selection of LED's and a decent number of other small components, but it's not enough. You on the left, group 10.1011, will flank Digikey from the west while I will lead group 11.0010 on a full frontal assault of MIT's media lab in search for talented engineers. They will naturally follow the man sporting a beard on his face and math joke on his chest. Not to mention I will also have a keg of beer." "Uhhh, about that keg..." "Dave?!"

  • I seem to be having a problem with my board resting every couple of seconds. I have tried soldering 120 Ohm equivalent resistance between vcc and the RST as well as a 10 micro-farad capacitor between RST and GND. Aside from removing R2 and C2 I don't know where to go. Is that a good option? Will the Sparkfun FTDI programmer be able auto-reset? It's not a super big deal if I can't auto reset because where this is going it will not be removed for a long, long time.

  • I went to the datasheet, and removed the /datasheets/Components/General/3.jpg Which ended bizarrely.

  • The engineering club at my school needs a fundraiser. We really like old arcade games in that club. You guy have a coin acceptor. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


  • Us four should be finished in about an hour! Screw it guys, I'm just going to change the florescent lighbang Us three should be finished in about an hour!

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