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March Caption Contest Winner

Congrats to the latest SparkFun caption contest winner!

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First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day! You may notice a few changes around the SparkFun site - we encourage you to poke around! Now, no more time wasting - let's talk caption contest!

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Flash mob practice at Sparkfun - “Ok, one more time. Pivot… Step… Jazz hand!”

Congratulations to Member #500567! You played right into our penchant for Broadway theater and snazzy dance routines. Keep an eye on your email for instructions about claiming your $100 in SparkFun credit! Thanks to all those that participated and look for another caption contest coming sometime in April! Sláinte!

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  • Who picks these captions??? There were a LOT of suggestions more funny than that - it don't even fit the picture, 1 he's not doing jazz hands, 2. they are in no way even remotely in a large enough area to be practicing anything, let alone a flash mob. Anyways - would like to see a funny one selected next time for a change.

    • I agree. There were plenty more funny than this. From what it sounds the winner unknowingly stumbled upon an inside joke, or something similar. I have never seen anything that shows a "penchant" for dancing, but maybe that's just me. Ah well, it's their money and they can use it how they please.

      But if you guys do make a video where some Sparkfun people dance, I would love to see it.

    • I am with you.

    • It's a Colorado thing. Watch the South Park episode called "Quest For Ratings" it explains the Sparkfun judging. Craig's TV show called "Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens" show beats the School real news program because half the kids in school are high on cough medicine.

      It explains the Sparkfun judging to a T. Perhaps Sparkfun really stands for "South Park Fun".

    • A crack team of humor experts did. Other things might be the team consideration such as : should last month winner [the real funny guy] wins again this month? Instead of complaining the contest winner, why don't we just 'crack how the team think' and MAKE ourselves think how they think or MAKE them think how we think. I believe most of us here are MAKERS, then we can MAKE things better rather than disputes. Join this contest with FUN and if we are funny enough then we might win someday ;)

  • As the man with the jazz hands, I just scored 5335. Thanks IT for a good St. Patricks day!

  • Thank you Sparkfun!!!!! HAHA I will have to update my profile fully so i am not just a number ;) I Can't WAIT! Now my son is going to get a fully decked out Space Nursery! :) HAPPY ST. PATRICK's DAY!

  • I Like Green! Too bad we can't get green colored PC boards for orders done today.

  • i thought for sure mentioning 3d poop would have given me the win. really could have used a new soldering station :[

  • The shamrock Asteroids game is awesome! Thanks, Sparkfun!

  • 8200... damn its addictive

  • The game would be easier if my phone had arrow keys .....

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