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  • Yep! That's the ticket. I changed line 58 in the example code. Was new to the board scheme and haven't played around with it much yet. Interesting little board, I may add (chain) another one with all blue next. Thanks again !

  • The 1.0 version. The board programs fine, but the pins must be different or something. I also tried the older version 0022 and got the same results. I also tried different boards (no luck there) I used a OSEPP (uno clone) board, and the bargraph works fine, its just the MEGA i'm having trouble with. Thanks.

  • What are the pin connections for the Arduino MEGA rev3 board? I tried 51/52/53 with no luck. I guess it only works with the UNO board I have. I tripled checked the connections and pin no's. It must either be the SPI file or something else. I don't know what I'm missing. I selected the Arduino Mega 2560 board in the Arduino sketch program, maybe there is another board I should select. Help!!

  • 12vdc?

  • Can you use this on a stepper?

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