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Description: This is a simple LED-illuminated tactile button with a clear cap. It’s just like a basic tactile button, but it lights up white! So now you can get visual feedback, or light up your project. These have a 12mm body and are rated for 50mA. They don’t easily fit into a breadboard, but check below for a breakout board. We also have these in a a variety of colors, check below to see the others.


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  • Can you make/get a LED Tactile Button with an RGB LED? Imagine the possibilities!

  • has anyone found a good pin diagram for this button?

  • Are these double pole, or single pole?

  • the manufacturer you will find, try to google “”

  • since sparkfun isn’t doing a good job of providing data for these buttons… this seems to work best for me:

    white led juice = 3vdc 15mA

    button = 12v

    button current max = ???

  • What about fitting into a protoboard? Fingers crossed. We shouldn’t need a breakout board for something this simple.

    • On the contrary. After receiving mine, it is obvious that these do actually need a breakout board to work with a breadboard. The pins line up in a way that makes it pretty much impossible to stretch across enough rows to separate them, and they don’t properly span the open row in the center. The breakout board is a dream, though. Highly recommended.

      Also, I am powering these from the Arduino off of a PWM pin. I’ve written a very small sketch that turns the LED on when you press the button, then starts to fade it out after about 20ms. I haven’t figured out yet how to interrupt the fade-out process to light it back up if you press it again, but I’m working on it (software interrupt?). If you want a copy of the sketch, let me know.

  • I would love these in an opaque lens like the red, green, and orange lights. The clear lens makes this one pretty harsh.

  • Has anyone actually tested the voltage these can run with? I can guarantee a quick flashing of colors and then smoke a nice smell to go with it at 9v.

  • I just want to make sure I’ve read that datasheet right, they are saying the LED’s V-fwd is 12V right?

    • Nope, I believe that’s the switch rating. The LED lights at around 3V.

      For those making a footprint I found a full set of measurements (though no more data) on the manufacturer’s site:

  • Do you have the Eagle footprint for this?

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It's Pretty Good

The Button and LED work just fine, but if you are going to use on a breadboard the LED’s power prongs are VERY inconvenient because they go into the DIP and the power prongs don’t fit well into any breadboard slot. I am going to buy the breakout board for it and I recommend that others do too in order to make it more “breadboard friendly” and add male headers to it. breakout board headers