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I am a highly skilled CTO and IT consultant with over 25 years of experience in various industries. I graduated from McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada. I started consulting with small and medium-sized businesses in my native Canada in the mid eighties and by the mid-nineties I was consulting for large corporate clients like Fannie Mae, KPMG Peat Marwick, Chase Manhattan Foreign Trade Division (Hong Kong), Warner Lambert and a variety of other firms in the Washington, DC and New York City area. Later on I worked with clients in Europe, Mexico, and Latin America.

Over the years I have been the CTO of various early stage IT startups, the owner of an IT consulting company (desktop, web, mobile, microcontroller and embedded systems) with clients worldwide, in charge of R&D projects to integrate hardware and software solutions in innovative ways, director of technology for a business software development company, designer and integrator of electronic hardware and head developer on a variety of software and technology projects.

Besides consulting and custom programming, I also offer electronic hardware integration and design, hardware/software integration as well as R&D services.


JLP Consultants

Spoken Languages

English, French and Spanish

Programming Languages

C, C++, VB, C#, VB.Net, Fortran, Java, Javascript, PHP and many, many more


McGill University


IT and Technology Consulting IT Project Feasibility Studies IT Project Management Custom Software Programming (Desktop, Web and Mobile) Microcontroller programming Software Internationalization and Localization Hardware-Software Integration Consulting Factory and Process Automation Consulting Robotics Consulting Custom Electronic Hardware Design and Sourcing R&D Services Conference Services


  • Pair programming taken to another level

  • I do a lot of R&D and proof of concept prototypes for my clients and boards like the FIO and all the breakout boards offered by Sparkfun are a real money and especially time saver. If I had to duplicate the functionality in house just to try the proper technology in developing a concept or idea for a client. Even for in-house projects or just plain fun stuff I do it is also way more cost-effective for me to use the tested products available here than develop my own solutions from scratch. Of course when my client’s project go to production or I will need to build more than a dozen or so of my in-house projects it is another matter. Even then depending on volume and how often I need to build something, Sparkfun parts might be better too. Your mileage might vary, but unless you do not put any value on your time building something it is still a reasonable price…

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