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  • Pair programming taken to another level

  • I do a lot of R&D and proof of concept prototypes for my clients and boards like the FIO and all the breakout boards offered by Sparkfun are a real money and especially time saver. If I had to duplicate the functionality in house just to try the proper technology in developing a concept or idea for a client. Even for in-house projects or just plain fun stuff I do it is also way more cost-effective for me to use the tested products available here than develop my own solutions from scratch. Of course when my client's project go to production or I will need to build more than a dozen or so of my in-house projects it is another matter. Even then depending on volume and how often I need to build something, Sparkfun parts might be better too. Your mileage might vary, but unless you do not put any value on your time building something it is still a reasonable price...

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