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  • Can't wait to watch! I am always looking for tips and tricks on the Pi. I'd love to see more.


  • Time for SF to spearhead an Open Source Digital Multimeter! Scalable, modular and OPEN! Wait, 2 seconds on Google reminded me that you had a DIY Multimeter. Where did that go? Slap that into a Flame shaped case! Who wouldn't pay a little more for that?

  • As a father of 2 beautiful little girls, I was immediately impressed with GoldieBlox. Not only because it was a way to encourage young girls to invent, but because it was a way for all young children to learn about engineering. I would like to hear more about your opinion on the product. How was it disappointing and underwhelming? From what you wrote it seems more the gender issues that disappointed you. Other than that, I agree with you, letting our children to become themselves is important, and it's amazing how much they try to be like us. Great Post, Thanks!

  • Pope Bob the First

  • and...he's SAFE!!!

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