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  • Where is the CAD model in the GitHub folder? I searched for the SKU and could find it :)

  • Thanks :) But when I click on the 3D square logo on this part (??) it says, "We liked this product so much we modeled it!" Is that a mistake?

    Building a Pong Sat with this battery http://events.hackerdojo.com/event/3753004-svsc-pongsat-workshop

  • Can't find the 3D CAD model at https://github.com/sparkfun/3D_Models/tree/master/Products There should be a batteries folder to match the website, correct?

    "The repo is organized in the same way as the product catalog. If you don't know where a model goes, look at where the product is on the site."

  • I love SPAAAAAAAACE too! It's the reason I founded Solar System Express (Sol-X). SparkFun big wigs said hello to Sol-X representatives at the 2013 Small Sat Conference. Hope to start selling our Gravity Development Board product on SparkFun by Nov 7, 2013 as we are the hardware sponsor for the 2013 SEDS Space Vision conference. DFTBA!