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  • I don't mind paying for shipping, specially if it help fund more "According to Pete"s.

    But let's say I qualify for free-shipping, how about adding an option to donate to the EFF or some such instead, and let me pay for the shipping anyway. I.e. Choose Free Shipping or SparkFun donates to some charity.

  • Not even the According to Pete stickers? man you are heartless...

    I was about to buy one, but the only thing that stopped me was the tube colors... they will look "ridonculous" in my bench.

  • Improvement patents do exist, IIRC sewing machines went through at least a couple of patent iterations to get up to where they Today.

    That said, they did mention they got the idea from a third-party, Don't Be A Dick law says they should give the guy a cut or a maybe couple of According to Pete stickers and a hug.

  • Ha, nice. :) thanks

  • Nuts, the cable ripped out the connector from the breakout board. bummer. I might try buying the mini usb one (/me crosses fingers).

  • This thing is tight, I mean that in the literal sense, it just broke my favorite micro usb cable. :( I dare not use it again...

  • Soldered and working, now if it only came with header pins.