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  • Hi, I would like to Transmit my own voice at Bluetooth speakers using this module.but when I plug microphone in Jack. There is no voice in bluetooth speakers.

    But when I play any song instead of my voice. it is being played at speakers.

    I am having active profile AVRCP and A2DP.?

    Now Is I need to change profile to HFP? what is your suggestion? Or Is I need to build circuity for voice input?

    Please update me. thanks

  • YES. I have successfully received Audio song at Bluetooth speakers using this module.

  • Hi dear, I am also having the same problem, my Jamboree board only send its response at Putty when I press RESET button on board while I transmit any command. It did not respond. It looks like that it is not receiving any command.

    Please do let me know if you have solve this problem earlier. Thanks

  • I am powering it via small USB cable. one end is connected at my laptop USB port while other end with Jamboree.

    Is I need to also supply power separately to UART connector?

  • Its not replying at all. It seems that it is not receiving any command.

    When I press RESET button of board. Then it reply back with some comments as I mention above.

  • Thanks for the response. Let me tell you what exactly I am doing in steps.

    1: I have serial to TTL converter module attached at my laptop USB port. It has pins(Tx, Rx, GND, 5V, 3.3V)

    2: I have Hyper Terminal. Did short RX with Tx pin and type in hyper Terminal. it is showing type data. that means my Serial to TTL module is OK.

    3: I have connected Serial to TTL converter module Pins with Purpletooth module in following way. i: GND to GND of Purpletooth module ii: Tx to Rx of Purpletooth module iii: Rx to Tx of Purpletooth module

    Now, When i press the RESET button on board. It reply me back with response like Blue Creation..., Melody..., and Audio.., Ready.

    But when I Type the command. neither it is showing type command in Hyper Terminal nor it is replying to any COMMAND. I guess it may be not receiving any command.

    Please elaborate what I should try in this case. Is I need to apply 3.3 V at Serial---> Micro Vin pin.?

  • Hi. I am unable to Send any command to Jamboree Bluetooth module kit. While when I press reset button it send me back response at Hyper Terminal. When I send any command via Hyper Terminal. It is not giving any response. Please suggest me what can be wrong. and how to tackle with that problem thanks.

  • Hi all, I have Purpletooth Jamboree board with me. It is not giving response of any command.

    I am applying power to this board using micro USB from my laptop. I have connected its Tx and Rx pins with a Serial to TTL converter module.

    When I press RESET button at board. It shows the response in Hyper Terminal and Tera Terminal. like Blue Creation...., Melody Audio...,Ready.

    But when I try to send some command. It did not give any response. Please help me and suggest me what is I am doing wrong.

    1: Is I need to apply VCC and GND separetely at Serial-->Micro Header? 2: Or Is I need to apply VCC and GND separately at FTDI?

    Please suggest me what is the appropriate way. Thanks

  • Can Anybody tell me whether I can Transmit MUSIC from this module? I have doubt about Term Melody?

    Is this module can transmit Audio SONG?

  • Hi, Can I feed direct Audio song to its input or some type of conversion is required?

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