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  • News - Heartbleed | about 6 days ago

    Press about the threat makes it more of a threat. It is possible that a few select individuals or groups knew about this before, but I expect there was more activity in the few hours after it became wildly known than there was in the previous two years.

  • News - Heartbleed | about 6 days ago


    todays XKCD

    incase you don’t like watching videos

  • News - April Caption Contest | last week

    Last week SF had their annual Photos With Your Pet Day where everyone could get a professional picture taken in front of a lovely backdrop. This year they also had a prize for the employe who most resembles their pet. And the winner is…..

  • News - April Caption Contest | last week

    Awwww He’s so cute… and the Bird’s nice too.

  • Product DEV-12071 | last week

    Don’t be silly. You can get a used iPhone for $150 or less, and it doesn’t need service to configure your CC3000. Heck, what’s your address? I will give you an old Android Phone.

    There are also some decent companies out there that offer cheaper cell phone options with a smart phone. Republic Wireless (which I use) could get you going for $10 per month with unlimited voice minutes, and your current usage rate would cost you about $9 on Ting.

    No one says this “TV costs me $3000 because I need to pay for cable.” Why do people do it for phones?

  • Product WRL-12072 | about 2 weeks ago also has a good product using the same CC3000 chip.

  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about a month ago

    Even Nate knows he shouldn’t step on Rex’s bed.

  • News - Enginursday: Yeah, I foun… | about 2 months ago

    Do you have the power curve for this unit? From what I remember from my turbine lab in college (working with a helicopter APU) you need a pretty serious starter motor for a turbine, and they really want to run over a small speed range. My car engine runs happily from 2-6k RPM, but if your turbine probably has a range of something like 46-50k, and might not even produce enough power to keep itself running until 30k or so.

    And I am sure the manual says JP-8, but pretty much anything that burns should work. I would start with kerosine if you don’t want to drag gas cans to the airport.

    Some people say they aren’t efficient, but they are just thinking about it wrong. Their fuel efficiency might be low, but their volumetric efficiency is great!

    Does anyone know if a Tesla, or a Prius will let you charge while driving?

  • News - February Caption Contest | about 2 months ago

    That astronaut has nothing on Me!

  • News - February Caption Contest | about 2 months ago

    Why is there a paper dispenser next to the pick and place machine?

    Because Bob.

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