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  • Please note that purchasing this board does not support, the company that designs the Arduino and maintains the software. All purchases of this board support Arduino SRL which has stopped making royalty payments to the original Arduino project (see

    I strongly recommend purchasing the RedBoard instead:

  • What does it mean that there are 3 UARTs, but only one has FIFO? Does that just mean that the buffer is handled in software not hardware, or is there a bigger issue I need to worry about?

  • Most SF products are open source. Will the same be true of a this book, or is it only available in print?

  • You have a note that the usb shield is required. Has anyone tried working with another serial programmer with these?

  • The reason you hear the talk about iOS is that anyone can get an iOS app approved using the RFduino. With devices that are not BT-LE you needed a special hardware review. Now if you want an iPhone app for a sensor or a remote controlled car you can base it on this chip and get it into the App Store. This is probably the easiest and lowest cost way to get simple hardware interaction with an iPhone.

  • Q: What’s the difference between Hot Rod and a paper airplane?

    A: 0ᄅ$ ʇnoqɐ

  • Can an Arduino drive the motors directly? The description states that you just need an arduino, some batteries, and a screw driver to complete this kit, but I think you still won’t be able to make it move. Am I missing something? Maybe there is a big diode, or motor controller that I don’t see.

  • I used to feel the same way, especially about Facebook contests, but I have since given up on it. I think promoting their product through social media is perfectly reasonable, and the advertising this creates makes good sense. I don’t plan to participate, but I know its my choice, so no hard feelings against SF.

  • A generation ago this crowd would have been into LSD, or worse, but now a presentation on PCBs expands their young minds.

  • Want to measure brainwaves, but don’t want to pay for the electrodes? Tune in to SparkFun Live for a lesson on how save money and attach a wire directly to your friend’s skin.

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