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  • Congrats to the winner. :)

  • "For I am Bob, the Pick and Place King!... and everyone on facebook will know it!"

  • Can these be used as rx/tx for a remote controlled project? Initially the project will just need controls (similar to any regular RC car), but soon after, I'll be incorporating sending sensor data from the RC to the "control station" at certain programmed intervals (as well as on demand when necessary). It's basically a mobile sensor platform that will move from point to point, stop, gather data, send data, and wait for commands on where to go next. LOS range of minimum 1 to maximum 5 miles is ideal for this project.

    Would these be a good potential solution, or is there something else that might be better in/around this price range? Anyone have any experience with these in an RC project?

  • I worked for a company called Clark Security Products that had(and I think, still has) a branch in Lexington. Mostly lock hardware(supplier to locksmiths).

  • Come on!!! I'll work cheap! Will work for electronics components!

  • I certainly wish I could be there. If only I had a job at Sparkfun, then I'd have reason enough to move to Colorado!

  • Using this IR Receiver, an Apple remote, Arduino, and a few RGB LED's, I have created a fun remote controlled & portable planetarium of sorts. This receiver and the Apple remote were extremely easy to implement into this fun little project.

    I will be using this, along with that apple remote(that I never use with the actual computer) to control household appliances in the near future.

  • How difficult (or even possible) would it be to have this connected to an Arduino Micro? And, I don't care if Sparkfun charges twice as much as digikey for this. The vast amount of information and education that I get for free from Sparkfun makes it worth supporting them.

  • This part makes the nunchuck easy to use. In a matter of minutes I was receiving the nunchuck data, and in a few more minutes, controlling a servo with the joystick. I wish it came with the headers already soldered on, but, even with my poor soldering abilities it wasn't a problem - and at less than $2 I wasn't too worried about it. (It would just look much nicer, but that doesn't matter much when the part won't even be visible in the completed project)

    Update: Now I have a completely functional Wii Nunchuck computer mouse being used with the Arduino Micro. While it's fun to use, and it will be the replacement mouse for my backup computer(so rarely used that I lost the mouse for it), I doubt I'd use it as the only mouse on my main computer.

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