February Caption Contest winner!

Making it rain glory on one lucky contestant

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The votes are in and our resident Olympic Caption Contest judges can take a day off. Congratulations, asciirory! You're the gold medalist of captioners.

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The ReelMaster 9000 Telepathic Popcorn Generator gets its first alpha test with disappointing results…

$100 in SparkFun credit is headed your way; feel free to send us a video of you standing on a cardboard box and singing the national anthem. Thanks to everyone who submitted captions, and we'll see you next month for more!

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  • This is not a gripe in anyway as its always a good day when the monthly Caption Contest is posted. I was just thinking of a slight enhancement of also posting the runners up. I don't know the process you use but I assume it is to narrow it down to a short list before picking the winner. Since everyone's funny bone is shaped a little different, it would be good feedback to know if you've layed one up near the pin or did it just bounce away over the foul line. As onedivededbyzero says "I thought I had it", I think everyone cracks themselves up with their caption and thinks they've got the sure shot winner. Maybe I just had too much coffee this morning but it might add a little more excitement to see you really did almost have it.

  • asciirory / about 10 years ago / 2

    As the "gold winner" this month (but dead loser in many months prior) I agree it would be fun to see the Silver, Bronze and "Solder Sucker" (last place) winners each month. Having said that, I was surprised and very happy to accept the win! Thanks Sparkfun folk!

    • AsaJ / about 10 years ago / 1

      Congratulations! That was a most excellent caption and undeniably deserving of gold.

    • opensourcerer / about 10 years ago / 1

      it seems you managed to get the gold winner and solder sucker at the same time.

  • Congrats to the winner. :)

  • opensourcerer / about 10 years ago / 1

    I thought I had it :(

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