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  • Ah, The Oatmeal! So funny!

  • Was there a reason that a brass sponge wasn't included but there was still a stand for one?

    EDIT: It appears that it has a traditional sponge rather than a brass sponge.

  • A petty comment I'm sure but as of 12/2/14 the product description has a formatting fail. It looks like you were trying to make a link, but failed.

    You can steal someone’s diagonal cutters for a minute, but you’d better ask before touching their solder wick.[

    Solder wick](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solder_wick) is a composed of copper threads braided together

  • I have an idea: With the surplus space I could use as storage for more batteries! Or, I could rig up a switch to change between two cells to double the life of the whole device. If I don't do either of those, I might just look on Amazon for a smaller enclosure. Anyways, thanks for the help and advice!

  • So I have a broken usb battery and I'm wondering if I could hack something together with one of these, the battery above, something like this, and the battery's current electronics to make a new one with a replaceable battery. The current battery's fully charged voltage is 4.14 volts rather than 3.7, but I assume the battery doesn't stay at 3.7v constantly from full charge to practically dead. The battery I have now charges at 500mA and discharges at 1A. What I'm really asking for is if this sounds like it could work, and if so, any suggestions on it's construction, care, or whatever. Thank you for your time.

  • ...And that he may or may not be a Jedi...

  • Looking back on this, I realize that you guys have invented what is basically robotic beer pong. I'm not sure what to think about that, but I assume it's fun nonetheless.

  • Well, the "dark alleys of reddit" are always still better than the light alleys of 4chan. It's just how the internet works, you know. Nonetheless, it's good that people are sticking up for themselves in these kinds of things, even if it causes humongous flame wars that I will never have time to read.

  • It's not really that complicated. It's called: Transistors! Or possibly, just a switch. Anyways, it's a thing.

  • I found the Easter Egg!

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