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Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Scientist living in Los Angeles. I am a 25 year participant in Buckminster Fuller’s “50 Year Experiment”… The first half of the experiment was dedicated to design engineering work in the building industry. I learned the skills and tools necessary to conceptualize and visualize complex building systems… and to communicate information effectively to a broad range of trades that occupies a large construction site. The second half of my “50 Year Experiment” I am dedicating myself to “converting my experience to the highest advantage of others”… (as Bucky would say). I have no dilutions of accomplishing what Bucky has… I just feel that everything Bucky envisioned is taking affect… “general systems thinking” is now widely understood… and we are witnessing before our eyes systems self-integrating becoming higher and more complex systems… as in social media networks linking together becoming a global communications network. I’m seeing that at SparkFUN! and I want to be a part of your community… mostly because it’s FUN!… but more importantly because of the parallel track I see society’s moving. The industrial revolution was ushered in because there were tools available to make things… BIG things! Now new tools are becoming available to make things… but they'er SMALL things! These small things are more personable and more to human scale. Big things are COOL but it’s the Small stuff that’s compelling my attention!

  • Aaron… your story is very inspiring! I’m getting a real sense that this is the face of our “new economy”… and, from the looks of it, it’s undeniably self-satisfying and rewarding in every way. It makes me smile too when I see people embracing their intuition… identifying what compels them… and then having the courage to pursue their passion. You are most certainly an awesome dude!

  • SparkFun… I felt that this article was directed to me! Learning electronics is non-linear and very much intuitive for me… I find the undeniable logic compelling and something that I’m starting to visualize… with the help from your tutorials. Sometimes I get more information from your product reviews… awesome! Thanks for the book list and all the helpful resource information… (I never know which one will make scene to me.) I just posted a new page on my web site that kind of addresses how I approach learning. “It’s just remembering what interests you”!! “12 Degrees of FREEDOM”… Concept and Form… must see! www.dslstudio.com/12degfreedom.html Thanks SparkFun!

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