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  • Thanks for the info, guys!

    I was able to follow the MicroView schematic for all connections except for RST and D/C (my PCB already has those pins used for other functions), but a quick review of the Arduino Port Manipulation page and an easy edit to the header file and I'm up and running with no issues!

  • I know it's a few years late, but in case anyone else has the same question... SCREWTERMINAL-3.5MM-3 does seem to be the closest part I could find in the Sparkfun Library, but if you're planning to lock a few of them together, the borders do overlap significantly if you set them up with the correct hole spacing. When locked together, the pins do follow a continuous 3.5mm spacing. The top portion of the datasheet does a mediocre job of showing that by indicating the width of the block as [number of contacts] x 3.5mm, with the interlocking tabs protruding an additional 0.5mm. Unfortunately the lower portion under "P.C.B. LAYOUT" is rather misleading, the outline ecompases the entire width of the terminal, including the tabs. This would seem to indicate that you need 4.6mm between the holes of two adjacent blocks, but I assure you that will not allow you to snap them together, you'll have about 0.6mm gap between the tab of one terminal and the edge of the next one.

    Lesson learned: Use 3.5mm spacing between all holes if you want to snap them together. You can use 4.6mm spacing between the holes of adjacent blocks and they'll still solder in without interfering, but you lose the extra rigidity of having them all snapped together.

  • This is the same display as in the MicroView, right? Is it compatible with the MicroView library at all? It would be really nice to be able to use the nice widgets/gauges, the OLED library seems to be a lot more simplistic.

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