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  • How hot does the wire get when you apply current to it?

    I've seen a few videos on YouTube where they embedded flexinol inside a dress to make it move, so it should stay relatively cool, right?

  • Okay, so I just got around to installing the new transformer and it works like a charm. I knew this was fast, but damn... it heats up to the max in about 30 seconds!

    Still need to clean things up a bit and add some heatshrink to the connections, but didn't have anything laying around.

    Just a few pics:

    Note: I don't recommend doing it this way if you value your warranty, because obviously you'll void it. Don't know if this will keep working, but the guy I got the tips from says his station still works like when it was new.

    – Wouter

  • I'm from Europe, so no 110V here and I'd rather not use a clunky converter because I'm very limited in space.

    But... I got a 220V > 24V transformer in the mail today, so I'm going to replace the 110V transformer with that one. I found a video on YouTube where someone did this and it worked out perfectly for him. Had a quick talk with him and he pointed me to the transformer he used. It cost me about 18 euro and he said it will take about 20 minutes to do.


    – Wouter

  • [facepalm]

    Now I'm stuck with a station I can't use because it isn't 220V... Even though it isn't specified in the product details, I could've known this to be the case.

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