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David J Barnes

Member Since: November 6, 2008

Country: United States

  • So after ~10 minutes of waiting I got the NAV LED to start blinking. When I parse the NMEA using http://freenmea.net/decoder, I see the data is nearly 1 mile off my currently location. Thoughts?

  • Thanks Mike!

    I have the GSP directly into the openlog as you describe. GPS is powered by a 1000ma 3.7v. First few lines of my file are below. What am I doing incorrect?

    ,v1.6.10,00030EDE,16324205,F,16.367667MHz $ver,011023,rev,120710 $GPGGA,115945.000,0000.0000,N,00000.0000,E,0,00,0.0,0.0,M,0.0,M,,000060 $GPGSA,A,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,0.0,0.0,0.030 $GPRMC,115945.000,V,0000.0000,N,00000.0000,E,000.0,000.0,280606,,,N71 $GPVTG,000.0,T,,M,000.0,N,000.0,K,N02

  • I'd like to integrate this directly with my openlog (without any MCU in between). I assume there's no issues in doing so, correct?

  • Can anyone speak to distance? How far can two of these units be from each other? I saw the datasheet said 300m-500m when in line of sight. True/false?

  • Anyone have any success mounting one of these in an enclosure/case? Any pre-fab cases out there?

  • I second this! Panel mount!

  • Thanks Toni_K! Lemme be more clear though... what is the max and min value I could see on the Arduino digital pin? In other words if I knew x could only equal -64000 through 64000 I could do some basic division to get me the meaningful value I need. Guess it's more of an Arduino/SPI question than calculation question. Thanks!

  • I'm using the ADXL362 library along with my Arduino Uno. All connections are sound and x,y,z readings are flowing. Can anyone guide me on how to convert these readings (accelerations) into angle/degrees?

  • Love mine! Works super well with little/no fuss.

  • Is DTR exposed in this version? I didn;' see it in the datasheet.

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