Tactile Button Assortment

These tactile buttons are great for all sorts of projects. This assortment comes with 2 of each of 6 different colors for a total of 12 buttons. The colored caps are removable and the buttons fit into breadboards. See the drawing below for exact dimensions.

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August 23, 2018

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May 7, 2013

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  • "See the drawing below for exact dimensions." The drawing don't have any unit. The diameter is 11.5 millimeters ?

    The previous question was posted 5 years ago but don't receive any answer :(

  • Is the dimension sheet in millimeters, centimeters, or inches?

  • ok you guys are on the right track.
    now can we have some that are panel mount?

  • is it possible to order only one or two colors??
    if yes i would like several hundreds!

  • Does anyone know what manufacturer the caps may be from? As another commenter mentioned, if these were offered in a single color, it would be great. Providing the manufacturer of the caps would also work, but I haven't been able to find the same cap anywhere.

  • got my first set today and tried them out. these are awesome! they feel sturdy,give a loud click when pressed and they attach pretty well to breadboards (they don't get loose easilly).

  • these buttons do NOT fit in a breadboard. The caps fall off very easily. I would like colored buttons more like this

  • These buttons are great, but it's a shame they only come in an assortment.

    Any way we could get either a single-color baggie of these, or just order the caps separately? I'm working on a project that could use these buttons, but I'd need some measure of consistency with the cap colors.

    Ordering 12 buttons to use 2 of them isn't exactly efficient...

  • First, these are pretty nice buttons. Been using them for a few days, no problems. The hats wiggle, but feel like they won't be breaking any time soon. The buttons themselves are loud. It's a very clear "click" when you press one. They're harder to press then the keys on a keyboard. Think mini guitar hero buttons, but louder. If someone wanted to make Ukulele Hero, these would be the perfect buttons.

  • I fixed the problem with them not fitting into the breadboard. I straightened the legs completely with pliers for them to fit into the board. You have to push them in pretty hard though.

  • Does anyone know what they feel like?

  • Great for breadboarding projects. i use these when my daughter wants to help - much easier for a 3 year old to push than 6mm tact switches

  • Does anyone know where to get caps for these? I want a 8 green ones, but don't want to have to buy 4 packs...

  • This is great except for two problems. The legs are too short to use in a breadboard, and they are to fat to fit in most protoboard.

  • They don't fit on my breadboards, the legs are very fragile, I use them only when I run out of better ones. I don't like how they feel either, the cap is too big, you have to be careful of pressing them in the centre.

  • Anyone know if these are in Eagle or have an Eagle lbr? I can find a button with the right dimension.

    Edit- Nevermind! I updated my library from Sparkfun. Found it!

  • These buttons have an extremely satisfying click and are nice, vibrant colors. One problem, though, is that the leads are pretty short; I had a very frustrating issue where they fit into my breadboard but the leads didn't go all the way down and thus weren't making contact. This wouldn't be an issue for soldering though.

  • Are these momentary or locking?

  • Are these normally open or close?

  • It's difficult to tell from the drawings, but what is the height from the base (PCB) to the rim of the cap? I need to know if this will fit in a clearance of 4.5mm.
    Thank you.

  • These are really nice -- you get 12 at a good price (another site charges as much for only 6) and they make a very satisfying "KER-CLICK!" when pressed. The tops are flat, so applying a small circular decal should be no problem.

  • can these buttons be connected to a HALE UMC3 usb/midi board?

  • Does anyone know how much force must be applied to the button to press it?

  • Are these momentary switches? And by the diagram I'm guessing they are normally open? Did I just answer my own questions?

  • Can you just get the caps to put on existing tactile switches?

  • Are they SC203 or SC215 caps?

  • Any info on the amount of force required to press these? The other tact switches (COM-00097) require much more pressure and produce a stronger click than a bunch I salvaged from a DVD player.

  • Are dimensions in mm? Never know for sure with you, Americans :)

  • Red, Yellow, Green, Blue... nano-sized Neo-Geo cabinet, anyone?

  • oooo pretty

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best button for the buck

easy to order delivered on time fits as advertised. right size for what I need no data yet on how clean they switch, ("de-bouncing is a good practice, to relieve this worry)

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Who doesn't like buttons?! These work great, they're color coded so you can easily determine which button works does what on your board. I marked the buttons down a star or two because they tend to pop off a bread board fairly easy.

Great switches!

I have used these on a breadboard for programming AVR Micros. They work as expected.

These are great for my little experiments.

About the only building I do these days is basically for the fun of it, I appreciate the variety and quality of your products. These little buttons are perfect!

Perfect for my design

Perfect through-hole solder mount tactile button. Included in Sparkfun Eagle library for easy PC board layout; good size (most tactile buttons are too small); love the colors.


Quality is good. I like the size and colors.

Most amazing product in the history of the world.

This has changed my life! Ever since I was 2 years old I've searched for a decent tactile button at a decent price. I'm 50 now and I not only found the button, I found a pack with an assortment of colors. The world is now in balance and I can finally focus on my two kids. They're adults now, but with the search for the button over they'll finally get to know their dad.

Initial review

I received the shipment without incident but have not had a chance to try out these switches since I am waiting for the PCB.