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  • Power Save Mode The Power Save (PS) pin can be used to select different operation modes. To enable Power Save mode the PS pin must be set low. Power Save mode is used to improve efficiency at light load. If Power Save mode is enabled, the converter stops operating if the average inductor current decreases below about 300 mA and the output voltage is at or above its nominal value. If the output voltage decreases below its nominal value, the device ramps up the output voltage again by starting operation using a programmed average inductor current higher than required by the current load condition. Operation can last for one or several pulses. The converter stops operating once the conditions for stopping operation are met again. The Power Save mode can be disabled by programming a high at the PS pin. In Down Conversion mode, Power Save mode is always enabled and the device cannot be forced into fixed frequency operation at light loads. The PS input supports standard logic thresholds.

    and looking at the figures on the 61200 docs it looks like it smooths out efficiency at low currents (<300ma). since i plan on using higher currents anyway my application is irrelevant.