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  • like +1!!!!!

  • actually, we recently got a pool table. air hockey bugged our receptionist a little too much....

  • Nate, whenever that building in AU opens up, I am SO down to run the entire place. In Aussie land that is. You do a great job with your current surroundings, I would hate to see you out of your element. I will take care of surfing with sharks and the aussie geeks. I hear they are quite aboriginal.....

  • I really dig the creative use of the blank CD holder for the project case. Did you know SparkFun sells a handy dandy clear project casing? I'm sure you did, AWESOME ingenuity, I wish my girlfriend would call me a genius! I vary from "idiot" to "stupid". Typical.

  • We take the guilty employee into an empty room, interrogate them, berate them, and finally stone them for no less than three hours while they hold said tool above their head and hop from foot to foot and chant the SparkFun chant. (if they fail either the hopping or chanting they receive an extra hour of hopping AND chanting AND double stoning). SparkFun. It's a hard knock life.

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