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  • note that without bending/trimming the legs this one may “jump” out of a breadboard.

  • The separation at 30 is by design. It allows you the option of having two different voltages on your bus. They point this out in the beginning electronics tutorials.

  • I understand that this is designed for smd pads, but could I use two of them across from each other on a breadbord’s top and bottom half to connect to an AVR programmer? Does it bend far enough? Is the strait 1/8" part enough to engage the sockets on the board?

  • I have successfully used a usb to DB9 for serial comm with the RS232. Note however that adapters do not work with programmers. That goes for parallel as well.

  • I understand that this kit covers lectures 1-3 but why are there these extra parts? 2 extra 330 Ohm and 4 extra 10k Ohm resistors and an extra push button?
    I get that the led is for breaking ;)