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  • This is cool. My son is working on an engineering project for school. Its a project to use a cell phone to fill up the Kuerig coffee maker with water. It is using a ThingPlus32 and the Qwiic relay board to turn on a water pump over BLE.

  • I use RVNC on my pi's as well. Beats having to have screens plugged in with keyboards and mice and can access them from anywhere with my phone at any given moment.

  • I assume on the Blackboard and ATP the pins are 5V tolerant and 3.3v on the Nano? Thanks! This is exactly what I need!

  • Is this essentially like an FPGA board? How would it relate to one and using Verilog or VHDL compared to PSoC Creator? I am new venturing into the world of FPGA and wondering if this is similar and might be a good entry point to start migrating from the world of Arduino? Thanks!

  • Great case but one big drawback is the flat ribbon cable that comes with the touchscreen is too short. They must have switched things up and started shipping with a shorter cable. Most all videos I see show to have a cable about an inch or so longer than what came with mine. It just barely is able to be connected and has a strain on the connector on the pi.

  • I've got to agree with some of the others. The addition of the wireless communications is great! A bigger better faster CPU is great! But no more memory? Uhm????

  • I just got my weather station up and running and is basically the same one Nathan built with same code (watch for beer in the mail). The only exception is mine is still running off of an AC adapter. I still have to get the LiPO battery, charger, and solar panel. I think that will be a piece of cake though. Just a few tips for other beginners like myself: #1 Get an Electric Imp first and learn how it works, how to program it etc. #2 Then get the imp shield and read the hookup guide on it. Once you have mastered those the rest is a walk in the park. Simply going through the weather station tutorial after you buy all the parts will leave you scratching your head just a bit. A few things weren't adding up for me and once I got #1 and 2 above, everything fell into place and worked like a charm!

  • How do you set the time/date? I successfully setup a data stream on data.sparkfun.com and having posting data ever 5 minutes. The date/time stamp is all wrong. Are there commands or code to set the time/date after the Thing is powered up?

  • Dam it Jim! I'm a fighter pilot, not a wardrobe man!