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  • I was really excited about this but 500MB will only get me a few years at best. When and if it makes it to Red will it have the SIM socket so the user could use their own SIM?

  • I have no doubt you will win this case. Unfortunately not without some headaches and loss of sleep. These sorry people think they can just toss a bunch of technical jargon around in hopes you will just settle with them to avoid a dogfight in court. Bring some beer and fight like hell! I am going to follow this for sure to see the outcome.

  • This is an awesome board! However as Rob mentioned, it is a bit expensive and more complex. It would be SuperCool if Sparkfun made a cellular IoT board much like the Particle Boron. Simpler and less expensive and also using the Feather format which is terrific.

  • Great video of comparisons between the lenses. Were you using a Pi 3 or 4? Also what software were you using to record the video?

    Thanks! :)

  • I used an outdoor single gang outlet box with a hinged cover. The cover has a clear plastic insert which I removed and replaced it with some pool cage screen. So it could get air flow. Inside it is a Photon on the Weather Shield. It works out great! Its in a place where it doesn't get wet but is outdoors and wiring runs from it to the weather meters mounted to the top of the pool cage.

  • WOO HOO! I got my box today! I received a lot of what appears to be new stuff! Added together I feel like I hit the jackpot! :) :) :) :) You guys Rock! Can't wait for the next DD!

  • I have 2 v1 boards that my son used for a school engineering project. Never had any issues like this. However, good article and information so if we run into this problem we know whats going on. ( he was one of the winners with his cellphone controlled water delivery system) :)

  • This is cool. My son is working on an engineering project for school. Its a project to use a cell phone to fill up the Kuerig coffee maker with water. It is using a ThingPlus32 and the Qwiic relay board to turn on a water pump over BLE.

  • I use RVNC on my pi's as well. Beats having to have screens plugged in with keyboards and mice and can access them from anywhere with my phone at any given moment.

  • I assume on the Blackboard and ATP the pins are 5V tolerant and 3.3v on the Nano? Thanks! This is exactly what I need!