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  • I hope this makes its way into new sparkfun products!

  • I think the point of Q1 is not to cut the power from the battery but to isolate the battery from the USB's higher voltage. The point of using a transistor is to minimize voltage drop when no USB power is present.

  • I would be interested in a similar device that, rather than waking on a timer, wakes up whenever the input voltage exceeds a certain threshold. It would ideally sleep after the input voltage goes below a certain, lower threshold (or at the input of a microconroller).

  • I might be totally wrong about the reason for the problem but I am definitely observing an issue with the delay being exactly 16 times what I specify

  • Just so you know, installing the tiny branch for the Atto84 (as per your instructions) will cause Arduino IDE 1.8.10 to overwrite the file that contains artemis board definitions with a file that doesn't contain them.

  • Is this programmable without an additional particle wifi/celular device? (I say this having already purchased one of them...)

    Edit: And what about generic bluetooth support and Arduino IDE support?

  • Something I'm observing makes me think these boards are being made with the wrong crystal oscillator. When I set the reliable send timeout to X seconds and make sure there are no other clients to respond, the timeout takes 16X seconds to clear. 16 is suspiciously the same as the schematic value for the oscillator in MHz. If the boards were being produced with a 1 MHz oscillator instead, I think that would explain the behavior.

  • Nice! Could you make one for these? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11310

  • Is it possible to extend range by using this large antenna on a base station and a much smaller antenna in a vehicle?

  • Just tried it, the answer seems to be yes! :)