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  • Any plans for additional colors? White on black would be awesome.

  • This actually worked for me. I just plugged in the OLED in place of a standard 5V LCD and it worked like magic. The only thing I found that didn't work was the clear() function.

  • I actually tried just randomly plugging in the OLED in place of a standard 5v LCD and everything displayed fine! So maybe the OLED library isn't really necessary? The only quirk I found was that the .clear() function in the LiquidCrystal library doesn't work correctly. I just replaced it by using setCursor() to go to the first position of the first line and writing out 16 spaces, then moving to the second line and doing the same.

  • I made one in the meantime!

  • Any plans to include the Eagle files for the breakout board?

  • Has anyone actually paired this thing to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) and can confirm they can stream to it?

  • How does an altimeter based on pressure ever accurately report the altitude? Since pressure is changing minute to minute in the real world it seems like it would be constantly incorrect. Even if you went down to the beach at noon and calibrated it at sea level for 0ft of elevation, an hour later the weather changes a bit and your measurements are incorrect.

    Unless I'm missing something, isn't the only way to accurately measure altitude via GPS (assuming at least 4 satellites)?

  • Would the standard Ethernet library for Arduino be compatible with this board? Would it use the same pins as the Ethernet Shield?

  • Just got this guy and it's working great! I put together a sketch for using this with an Arduino: