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Biodigital Glue



  • If you measure the resistance of your test leads, I think you’ll find them equal or greater than the vape coil. If that’s the case, 2/3 or more (!) of your power is being used to heat the leads and not the coil. In other words, your coil can be 3-4 times more powerful just by using different wires to hook it up! It’s easy to think of Ohm’s Law as applying only to particular parts in a design, but a circuit is always a continuous loop. Every part of the loop has some V=IR description that you can model, and they all add up to match the whole.

  • You might want to run some power loss calculations on the (undersized) test leads you used to connect the coil to power. ;-)

  • Maybe they gave you 4 figuring you might end up with 2 working ones.

  • Yay, gov regulations that make some attempt to balance the desires of commerce vs. my desire to not Die In A Fire (on a plane!)

  • From the look of them, you can’t cut them to shape. I’d build a sort of heat-pipe. Think: metal paperweight, with the base the size of the heating pad, and the top having the profile you want.

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