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  • I spent two hours attempting to load the first page of the quiz and all I got was this lousy.... wait... I didn't get ANYTHING!

  • I LOVE Dropbox and have actually done exactly what you mentioned, work an Eagle project at home, then go into the office and there it is, ready to review or update later.
    And multi-computer sync is just awesome.
    If you view your Dropbox account on the website, you will see that it actually DOES version your files.
    Highlight the file, and click the dropdown box on the right, on the "Modified" column. Then select "Previous Versions".

  • I would recommend using a PWM/constant current driver such as a TLC5490 to handle the dimming. This frees up your micro to do a lot of other stuff. You typically just need to shift in the brightness levels once per row (using SPI). It's easy to acheive 30 fps and 24 bit color this way.

  • Any chance you carry this in different colors? I've found them elsewhere but your price is excellent :-)
    I'm thinking white or black would be good.