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  • There are various thicknesses of DS touch screens. Some appear to work with these breakout boards... others are too thin.<br />
    <br />
    Even taking out the black tab, and putting the ribbon in, then putting the black tab back in. It falls back out.<br />
    <br />
    Short of measuring the thickness of your ribbon cable... I'm not sure how to make these work... some have suggested using paper as a "filler".

  • I bought one a few weeks back. Loving it. Being able to program in C# is great (especially since that's my background... I'm a software guy).
    I'm looking to pick up a second one soon... and many of the Arduino shield are compatible. You just may need to port some drivers. The folks at the Netduino forums are a great help... with porting, Netduino questions... etc.

  • I built mine today. Took maybe... 30 minutes?
    Only two confusing bits... in the picture of the completed project... the two pins (VCC and GND) show the pins sticking way up. They should be going down.
    The other set of pins go under the barrel jack (at least, that's where I put them). They help support the board.
    I tested it out... using my DMM and running in "battery" mode... I got 3.2 and 5.0 voltage. When I switched it to DC voltage... I get 3.3 and 5.01 - So be careful what settings you use on your DMM when testing it too.

  • Hurrah for Sam the Eagle!
    What department does he work in? PR? :P