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  • Digikey will sell you a single unit for 62 cents, which also -- praise be to cardboard christ! -- includes a box (though not a red one.)

  • A quarter is a slightly larger than a 20mm coin cell. Hope this helps.

  • Is that really the right price for a Honeywell IC? =)

  • 10 steps? Errrrr... does it permit setting the sequence length shorter than 10, for those of us who aren't that proggy and would rather play in common time? (Meaning, 8 steps would be far more sensible.)

  • I wonder how accurately does it track down in the hundreds of Hz range. Could it be used as a musical synthesizer?

  • Keep in mind these are 5% tolerance, so if 2 ohms makes a difference in your circuit you should probably be looking for the blue guys...

  • Presumably whatever microcontroller you have driving this already has a source of regulated 3V3 or 5V?

  • Good point. They're probably just trying to educate kids on how in the tech industry, women are sexual objects whose purpose is to entertain men.

  • Was it really necessary to sexualize a boring new product post? When will people realize this kind of sexist innuendo is unwelcoming and unfriendly to women in the maker community.

    It's not even a clever joke, there was no "tease" at all. If you had thought for 5 seconds you could have used "Strip Mall" or "Strip Mine" and that actually would have made some sense.

  • I should have continued on to say that calling analogWrite(redLedPin, 128); would (due to PWM) reverse-bias the red LED 50% of the time, causing it to be (roughly) half as bright. This is because when a diode is reverse-biased, no current flows through it. Makes sense?