Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Resistors are a good thing, in fact, they're actually crucial in a lot of circuit designs. The only problem seems to be that resistors disappear into thin air. The only way to be sure that you're gonna have the resistor you need when you need it is to stock up, and keep them organized. We have just the thing!

Our new branded resistor kit comes with 25 each of 20 different resistor values (including 0Ω links!). All of these resistors are stapled into a tri-fold pack and clearly labeled. The back of the resistor kit even has a resistor color code look-up chart and a table of color codes for the included resistors!

We'd like to give Oomlout credit for coming up with this great idea. Thanks guys!

Values Included:

  • 0Ω, 1.5Ω, 4.7Ω, 10Ω, 47Ω
  • 100Ω, 220Ω, 330Ω, 470Ω, 680Ω
  • 1kΩ, 2.2kΩ, 3.3kΩ, 4.7kΩ, 10kΩ
  • 22kΩ, 47kΩ, 100kΩ, 330kΩ, 1MΩ

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  • Member #737418 / about 3 years ago / 1

    What is the lead diameter, are they the "thick" leads advertised on other Sparkfun resistors? I fnot, I'd really like to have a resistor set with "thick" leads for solderless breadboarding, do you know where I can find a good thick lead set?

  • The Crazy Maker Guy! / about 6 years ago / 1

    If you like weird poem things, check my review. It's irresistible

  • The Crazy Maker Guy! / about 7 years ago / 1

    This question is needed to be asked and answered.

    Does it come in a wonderful red box?

    • M-Short / about 7 years ago / 1

      The kit itself does not have a red box. We do ship products in red boxes up to a certain size at which point you get nice brown boxes. If you just buy this though it should ship in a wonderful red box.

  • Colonel Leon / about 7 years ago / 1

    I have a question (I am not experienced). Is it safe to use these resistors with a 6 volt power supply?

    • M-Short / about 7 years ago / 2

      The voltage really isn't the issue but the wattage. These are 1/4. With P=VI and V=RI P=V^2/R. In other words as long as R is larger than 9ohms you should be fine. We most commonly use these with 5V or 3.3V systems, but you should be fine on a 6V system as well.

      • Colonel Leon / about 7 years ago / 1

        Thank you very much. I probably won't use the under 9 ohm resistors anyway (because 6 is a higher voltage).

  • gouky / about 12 years ago / 27

    I want this, but with capacitors. Please?

    • FiletMignon / about 11 years ago * / 6

      Double ditto! I just bought the assorted ceramic capacitor bag from RipoffShack, and out of the 100 in the bag, there was not a single one I could use in my project. Plenty of 10pF caps, though.

    • AsaJ / about 11 years ago / 3

      Ditto on the caps!

    • asm2750 / about 10 years ago / 2

      Yes, can we please please please get a capacitor kit?

    • Hmmm / about 10 years ago / 1

      yes, though ceramic or film caps that would be used in exact values in filters, not electrolytics

  • AdamTolley / about 13 years ago / 8

    This is long overdue, but very nicely executed. Kudos.

  • Hmmm / about 10 years ago / 4

    "25 each"? Should be a lot more 10 kΩ and 100 kΩ than other values, since you use those a lot more.

  • elmer_fud / about 13 years ago / 4

    How stiff are the wires on the resistors? I have bought an assortment in the past that had thin wires that were hard to insert into a breadboard without them bending up.

    • LexanPanda / about 13 years ago / 1

      In my experience, 1/4 watt resistors tend to have leads similar to 22 AWG wire.

      • elmer_fud / about 13 years ago / 1

        I have some 1/4 watt with a wire thickness of 0.021" and others with a wire thickness of 0.017. One size goes into a breadboard nicely the others don't

        • Hi,

          I bought this kit a while back. To answer your question, they are not extremely stiff. For direct PCB/proto board soldering, it is good. For breadboard, I find them too maleable for the task. However, my breadboard is really stiff.


  • ComradeCynic / about 10 years ago / 3

    It would be awesome to get one of these full of ceramic caps!

  • MadCoder / about 12 years ago / 3

    Quite a nice kit, but I believe the 110R resistor is actually 100 ohms... its actually printed as 110 on the front cover but 100 inside the cover.

  • Citros / about 13 years ago / 3

    mentioned the 0 Ohm resistors to my brother in law (masters in EE) says they use them in circuit design on PCBs just in case your calculations are wrong and a specific area might need more resistance. Still I think whats wrong with a wire instead but hey I don't have a masters in Electrical Engineering.

    • nallelcm / about 12 years ago / 7

      "A zero-ohm link or zero-ohm resistor is a wire link used to connect traces on a printed circuit board that is packaged in the same format as a resistor. This format allows it to be placed on the circuit board using same automated equipment used to place other resistors instead of requiring a separate machine to install a jumper or other wire. Zero-ohm resistors may be packaged like cylindrical resistors, or like surface-mount resistors."

      from wikipedia... used so that they dont need a different machine for jumpers.

      • Citros / about 12 years ago / 1

        Yeah I've been thinking about this for a while and having 0 Ohm resistors at your disposal would make PCB design easier. Especially for the layperson whom can probably only manage a 2 sided PCB.

    • Hmmm / about 10 years ago / 1

      it's identical to a wire, but with the same body as a resistor so it can be grabbed by a machine. there's no reason to include them in this kit meant for hobbyists. just use a wire.

  • Member #557988 / about 10 years ago / 2

    I want a capacitor kit!

  • WA0TTN / about 10 years ago / 2

    0 ohm resistors? I've got spools of those and they've even got insulation on the outside.

  • tristanplaysguitar / about 12 years ago / 2

    When will they be back in stock?

  • Member #554498 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Can someone tell me what is the voltage rating (not power) for these resistors? Thanks!

  • Member #549694 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Any Chance that you will come out with a 1/2 Watt resistor kit? For those of us who use bulkier resistors due to... being prone to lighting things on fire.... :/

  • bricabracwizard / about 9 years ago / 1

    I would pay for a bigger kit if it comes in a great storage unit clearly labeled like your inventors kit.

  • Member #361617 / about 9 years ago / 1

    Radio Shack part number 271-312 is a resistor kit with more values. There are more of the more-popular values. It's pretty rare for Radio Shack to do better than SparkFun, but this is one such case.

  • RobLewis / about 9 years ago / 1

    Great idea but not that useful due to limited selection of values. I'd prefer, say, 10 pcs of 2.5X more values. Or just a bigger kit.

    Also, you need to specify the tolerance.

  • Member #495461 / about 9 years ago / 1

    I would rather see a kit with 10 each with 40 different values and or 5 each 80 - 1% would be nice too. AND a good Capasitor already mentioned.. Thanks, Terry

  • Member #414029 / about 10 years ago / 1

    Why 4.7, 47,470, 4.7k and 47k? Why not 5, 50, 500, 5k and 50k? What I need is 60k for a sensor. So that means I have to use a 47k, 1k, 1k, 1k, and a 10k to get there. So it can be done, it just looks unpleasant. Or if I was smarter I could put resistors in parallel. Other site have the multiples of 47 resistors as well. I was wondering what they are used for. Maybe they went in line with a variable resistor for adjustment?

    • l0gikG8 / about 10 years ago / 1

      Good question. 47 is a standard resistor value. Why is it standard? This site has a good explanation.

      Why not sell a kit with the E24 series instead of the E6? My guess is cost.

      Kits get you in the ballpark while experimenting but if you need something precise, it is better to order the part specifically. Also, ask yourself how precise does it need to be for what you’re doing. With these resistors the value could be off ±5%. In your example, you may not even need a couple of the 1Ks. Or you may need more.

  • Member #627468 / about 10 years ago / 1

    Could you tell me where this is made from?

  • Member #626099 / about 10 years ago / 1

    OMG these little resistors are carbon, and the values are horrible, I can't believe my friend wants this as a gift. I'm going to have to show him what good components are; some men have to just keep being taught how to use their equiptment

  • Joe Rosenblum / about 10 years ago / 1

    This is a fantastic idea, well executed. So much better than my old system of keep these organized. Thank you Spark Fun!

    • Member #626099 / about 10 years ago / 2

      Honey msg me if you want to see the proper workstation and component assortment, this is nothing to write home about

      • water_arduino / about 9 years ago / 1

        Post picture? I am looking for a good method for organizing capacitors and resistors. Any ideas?

  • Member #365233 / about 10 years ago / 1

    What's the tolerance on these resistors in this pack?

  • Member #548741 / about 10 years ago / 1

    SMD version please!

  • joe512754 / about 10 years ago * / 1

    Thanks did not see that.

  • joe512754 / about 10 years ago / 1

    When will it be back in stock.

    • Kamiquasi / about 10 years ago / 2

      For products that are out of stock, SFE tries to give an estimate for new stock on the right hand side of the product page. Currently (2014/01/24) it reads: "We have a purchase for 2000 units. We expect some of these to arrive next on Feb 2, 2014." I do stress that this is an estimate, however, as logistical issues can always rear their head.

  • Member #392282 / about 11 years ago / 1

    What is the pin spacing on these? 100mil, 200mil,300mil,400mil? this is for designing PCBs and need the correct pin spacing for these....Thanks.

  • Kyrie Ignis / about 11 years ago * / 1

    An irresistible addition to anyone starting out in electronics.

    Color codes in ACTUAL color is a nice touch! I will eventually cut that out and save it when I move my small components and datasheets to a binder (baseball card storer + small baggies).

    I tried putting these resistors in my stiffest breadboard and had with no problem at all! My loosest breadboard holds them pretty good as well.

  • Nick Walker / about 11 years ago / 1

    Can we have a PDF of the chart on the back? The sticker is great, but the color version is much more effective.

  • JohnGalt / about 11 years ago / 1

    can we get the old unbranded kit back? this kit is way short on values! Also do we really need to pay for 0Ω resistors as part of the kit? I'd call that wire! (unless by some stretch of physics you have found a way for these to really be 0Ω±5% then maybe you could auction them along with your nobel prize!)

  • ulidtko / about 11 years ago / 1

    Is there an SMD version?

  • Awsomdk / about 11 years ago / 1

    If only it had some median resistor sizes... Never know when you will need a 12 ohm resistor... Awesome set of resistors for LED noobs to play with...

    • Keep in mind these are 5% tolerance, so if 2 ohms makes a difference in your circuit you should probably be looking for the blue guys...

    • me5647 / about 11 years ago / 1

      A 1.5 and a 10 in series get you pretty close...

  • Member #391375 / about 12 years ago / 1

    Is there any diference between 1/4W and 1/6th Watt PTH at Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6th Watt PTH.

    • bronson / about 11 years ago / 1

      The 1/6th watt is smaller but can't handle as much current.

  • I love it!

  • BeanBandit / about 12 years ago / 1

    any idea when this is coming back in stock?

    • daemondust / about 12 years ago / 1

      I have an order with this backordered and was told they'll have it in stock in the "[n]ext couple of weeks".

  • LexanPanda / about 13 years ago / 1

    Might wanna add "carbon film" and their tolerance to the description, so we don't have to squint at the picture. ;)

  • Member #261085 / about 13 years ago / 1

    Been waiting for something like this! Picked one up.

  • brunokc / about 13 years ago / 1

    Are these all 5%?

    • Apart from the 0 Ohm resistors, yes. If you look closely at the packaging, you can see the +- 5%. The 0 Ohm resistors are of course +- Infinite % :-)

  • Ted M / about 13 years ago / 1

    Zero ohm resistors? really? Okay, I can see a use, but I'd really just use a piece of wire, rather than pay for a resistor.

    • baum / about 13 years ago / 1

      Wire looks shoddy. When I open something up from china and see wire jumpers, I am immediately disappointed. But 0Ω resistors look good!

      • I just busted open my old alarm clock and there was wire jumpers all over the place. I have to admit, I was rather disappointed. However I did salvage all kinds of neat parts. I am definitely picking up one of these sweet kits.

        • This kit is on its way to my house along with an Arduino Uno R3 and various other sweet parts. Can't wait for it to arrive.

  • mpechner / about 13 years ago / 1

    great stocking stuffer.

    Papa Smurf does bring up a good point. Why 0 ohm? Why not use a piece of wire?

    • Weaselkeeper / about 13 years ago / 3

      Although not really relevant here, they are useful in pick and place, where a wire bridge won't work properly.

  • Wow really, a Zero ohm resistor?!?! Sometimes I wonder about U guy's (sniffin too much leaded soldor)

    • Kibo / about 13 years ago / 7

      I am going to build the world's highest-precision R2R ladder out of several reels of those 0Ω resistors, once I can find some that are exactly twice their value.

      • Reed / about 13 years ago / 8

        It's simple, just use two of them in series!


        • Member #466449 / about 11 years ago * / 1

          It's simple, just use two of them in series!

          -- Zero times two, is still zero. -- Damn, my math was wrong!

    • EvilGenius121 / about 13 years ago / 2

      They actually are pretty common. They are used in pick and place machines as jumpers- I think wire bridges are harder/require more specialized equipment... :)

    • Actually lead-free solder is much worse for you.

    • The only point I can see in these things is that those who are embarrassed about using jumpers can now make connections without tarnishing their project.

      0 Ohm. Really??

      • Racerdude09 / about 12 years ago / 2

        It's linked in the product description;

        "This format allows it to be placed on the circuit board using same automated equipment used to place other resistors instead of requiring a separate machine to install a jumper or other wire."

      • FamiLAB / about 11 years ago / 1

        0 Ohm resistors are very commonly used in professional engineering design. They typically have two purposes - 1) you can change the resistor value later if desired. Or, 2) you can use the location as a machine-populated jumper. Then you can save money manufacturing PCBs by designing a board that does several different things, but some features are only enabled if the assembly specifies including that 'resistor'.

      • whitnasty / about 12 years ago / 1

        We manufacture thousands and thousands of PCB's where I work, for alot of large international customers and we use 0 ohm resistors and almost every board that we use. They are very common components actually.

Customer Reviews

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1 of 1 found this helpful:

I have been looking for something like this for 10 years

Try getting one form one of the resistor manufactures and you will pay through the nose. Over $100 for a plastic drawer set with the same resistors in this kit. and you have to put them in after you get it.

Love it! I bought two!

5 of 5 found this helpful:

Nice assortment, but thin leads

This is an okay set of resistors for a beginner kit. I think it's fine that the leads are taped in rows and the rows are basically stapled to the top of the outer cardboard you see in the picture.

The leads are very thin. For a beginner looking to press these into a breadboard, the leads are simply too thin to work with. I don't have a micrometer to check the lead thickness, but I'm guessing these are thinner than even the normal 0.45mm diameter types meant for lower temperature applications.

I would look for a similar kit with the normal 0.6mm leads for use with a breadboard.

3 of 3 found this helpful:

Convenient, but..

After having this around my desk for about two years now, my number one gripe with this product is the thickness of the leads. They're really thin and have a tendency to fall out of my breadboards - which is a real pain. My parts bin has a lot of random 1/4 w resistors that I bought years ago that have nice thick leads on them, and so I always try to use one of those unless I have no other choice.

Other than that, this kit has helped me a few times when I need a resistor in a hurry and voila there it is. Well, almost always... I'm not sure who picked the values, but IMHO these aren't entirely the best choices considering how few values are included. Mine still has lots of resistors that are untouched and probably will never be used, like the 0-ohm links - these are just a waste of space - I can think of lots of better choices.

1 of 1 found this helpful:

resistor kit

I tried to use it but was met with some resistance.

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Best Organization Tool for Resistors Ever!

They are organized from low to high resistance and marked AND labeled with a key. This was a great teaching tool. It was easy for me to find what I needed in a jiffy and there was more than enough for the entire class. Thank you so much!

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Very useful!

I can never find the exact resistor I need in my messy pile of unlabeled components, and the tiny colored stripes are devilishly difficult to see anyway. So this little booklet of nicely labeled resistors is perfect for my projects!

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Resistor Kit

Very useful and convenient. Liked it. Reminds me that I could use some capacitor assortments as well. Bill

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Leads are too thin for breadboards

I'd only recommend these is you plan to solder them somewhere.

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Really handy

Easy to find the resistor i want quickly. The zero ohms is useful when breadboarding and avoids a jumper.

1 of 1 found this helpful:


I keep this next to my soldering iron. I always have the really common resistor values handy now, and don't have to hunt for them in my supplies stock. This is absolutely definitely assuredly worth the price.

I want one just like this but for ceramic and poly capacitors. Maybe one for molded inductors too.

The only demerit is that these resistors have very thin leads. Too thin to engage most header sockets, and they are hit-and-miss with breadboards also.

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Handy Kit

Good denominations, convenient chart for beginners (and clear colorings)

3 of 3 found this helpful:

Different version of preferred value resistors

Unexpected new values for the breadboard, and hole-through use. These have nice long leads. A version I used to buy was:

30ea. 1K,10K,100K

10ea. 1,10,100,120,150,220,330,470,560,1.5K,2.2k,3.3k,4.7K,15k,22k,47k,220k,470k,1m,10m.

5ea. 2.2,15,22,33,39,47,51,68,82,180,270,390,510,680,1.2k,1.8k,2.7k3k,3.9k,5.1k, 5.6k,6.8k,8.2k,12k,18k,27k,33k,39k,51k,56k,68k,82k,120k,150k, 180k,270k,330k,1.5m,2.2m,3.3m,4.7m

Hope you can use this information.

6 of 9 found this helpful:

Not very conductive

It's as if the components are resisting my current. I'm not finding them very conductive.

2 of 3 found this helpful:

One of the best resistor kits out there

I love the way this kit is packaged, its very easy and efficient to find the resistor you need and just snip it out of the tape. Has all of the common resistor sizes and its fairly cheap compared to a lot of kits.

1 of 2 found this helpful:

Great product

The packaging is excellent, keeping all the resistors organized with very clear labeling and resistor code diagrams. Highly recommended resistor kit.

(My only gripe is a pedantic one: the example resistor color code given uses the Latin for "that is" instead of "for example." Not sure how the editor let that slip...)

2 of 5 found this helpful:

There are better products out there.

Although this suffices for a beginner, it quickly becomes a handicap as you learn. There are many kits out there that far surpass this one. This is for a variety of reasons. First of all, out of the 73 standard E12 values up to 1Mohm, only 25 are present. This kit is missing two thirds of the standard values. Second of all, the packaging is extremely lacking. This "kit" consists of little more than resistor sheets loosely stapled to a sheet of thin cardboard. The resistors freely flap around, and it is difficult to access individual resistors. Finally, the leads of the resistors are far, far, far too thin. Even with a breadboard that has fully been broken in, it is difficult to insert these things without bending the leads.

Its resistors

The packaging is nice as it's not just a spidery mess of resisters, there is some organization to it. I also haven't had any duds so far which is also nice. I think the best thing is that you get a decent amount of resistors for very cheap. And since its assorted you should be able to get through most any project with one of these.

Good value

Great value and very handy. Different resistance levels are pretty easy to find, and I like that the body of the resistors are bigger than the ones came with my Arduino kit, so they are less easy to lose sight of.

As necessary as a soldering iron

With local suppliers of components becoming rare, this is a required tool. Good selection and they are well labelled.


Very nice to have all those resistors all labelled and arranged. A great service you provide. Also your other stuff, and the discussions and teaching. A real plus for us noobies. Please keep up yhr good work and the great support !

Great for even the pro, Repeat customer

Sometimes you just need a pack of resistors well organized in a nice book. This saves me tons of time breadboarding a quick circuit. Just flip to the page, pull out the resistor, and go.

I used to have a bucket full of resistors, and it took me a good 10 minutes to find the right value. Multiply that by how many pullups and PWM low pass filters in a given circuit and that is a lot of wasted time. This pack will pay for itself many times over in your time and sanity.

Now if they would only make a book of capacitors...

A Bunch of Resistors

A lot of resistors in a small box. Couldn't resist purchasing it.

great kit

I use this kit at my work the variety of resistance values comes in handy. I will be buying more when I need them.

good product

Offer more single resistance resistor, such as 330 ohm or 220 ohm, etc.

Hi, We do have specific packs of values such as this 330 ohm pack --

0 of 2 found this helpful:

Too many of what I don't need

For the project that I'm doing, I don't need resisters over 100ohm. So there are a LOT of resistors that are going to go to waste - and that bothers me just from the aspect of "I don't like wasting things". The price was cheap enough that it's not a financial issue, so I can't really complain. It would be nice if packs of lower ohm resistors were available though.

Great kit

Nice selection. The packaging makes it very easy to find what you need.

Works perfectly

Works perfectly well. No defects. Well packaged and organized. Overall awesome product

Very Nice Kit

Good selection of values. Nice long leads. Very good price. I'll no doubt be ordering another in the near future.

Every developer needs this kit!

Need a resistor.. to find just the right timing or drive level...grab the kit. Resistor stoped working because the smoke got out? grab the kit. Spark Fun need a cap kit as well.

Wires too flimsy

The resistor gives a handy sampling of resistor values, but I've been rather bothered with the thickness of the wires coming out of each resistor. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like these wires are flimsier than the ones I'm used to sticking into breadboards. I have to be very careful to apply force in a direction that won't completely bend the wires as I'm inserting the resistors into a breadboard.

I also don't have a use for 0 ohm resistors, so I would have prefered getting a different sampling of a large resistance value.

But hey, they do their job as resistors just fine.

I couldn't resist.

A well organized set of assorted resisters. What else is there to say?

Not bad for the price

Overall, good set of resistors. My only frustration is that the ends are very thin and difficult to get into a breadboard with the ends crumpling.

Just what it says on the tin

Not much to say - it's a whole bunch of four-band resistors, for all your resisting needs. The packaging is certainly better than bags of parts, or even worse ONE bag with all the parts, but I'll probably still rehome all the resistors into a plastic divider box.

lab resistors

Filled my needs for having suitable resistors at hand in my lab. Very good assortment and easy to work with.

Do not resist!

I must say the oddest part was the 0 OHM resistors. I have since found several uses ranging from allowing a testing port to op-amp decoupling point. But my favorite is using them to pin things to my cork board. Have a wide range. and a large number of each. A must have for any proto-kit.


They resisted pretty much as advertised and were close to marked values


Hard to get excited about resistors, but this is a nice selection for my work which is predominantly with small Led projects

Great Product!

This was exactly what we were looking for to have on hand for any future jobs.

Great buy!

Nice packaging and informative! Great for anyone new to electronics and includes a good selection of the most commonly used resistances.

Just what I needed

Great packaging, convenient access to

0 of 1 found this helpful:

Nice package!

This is great. Each 'value' of resistor is on a separate sheet and they are stapled in order of increasing Ohm value. I labeled the tape on mine so they were easier to find since the little colors are hard for me to read.

Sparkfun ought to create a web tool that can accept a target resistance and then based on the resistor values in this pack, can show you an equivalent resistor network you'd have to build from 2 or 3 different resistors to get as close as possible. Kind of like this page, but restricted to the resistors in this pack.

Brilliant Idea

This kit is great, a nice assortment of resistors organized for you in a compact binder.

Great for backup and off line storage

Use these to keep handy on my workbench. Easier than searching thru my parts bins.

Very handy...

I should have added one of these to my collection sooner.

Great kit

Very handy especially working with kids. The labels are very easy to follow and finding the right resistor is quick!

Almost perfect package

I am really happy that I bought this product. It is great that you don't have to search in your big box of resistors and can instead just pick one out of the map. The reason that I did not give this product fve stars is that the values of the resistors are shown per list of five. It would be better if the value was also clearly shown per package of one value.

Good Assortment of Resistors

I wanted a decent assortment of resistors to have on hand and this does the job. The tri-fold pack is decent and you could easily leave the resistors in it for storage if you wanted. Not much else to say, they're resistors. I will probably buy a couple more of these packs to have on hand.

Very Useful and really handy

I don't know much about electronics yet, so knowing I can step up or down is really handy without having to find and buy all of these resistors individually

Just what I needed

I needed a variety of resistors, as I am just beginning to make prototypes. sparkfun's kit fit the bill, ordering on line was a snap, and the goods arrived quickly. I also bought the capacitor kit and the semiconductor kit. These comments fit all three!

Good set of resistors

I debated between this pack and a box of resistors in their own plastic bags for each value. Decided this was a good value and wanted to support a local business. No issues with any of the resistors so far.

Great kit for starters

Awesome pack of useful resistors for beginners, or just to have on-hand. Doesn't have "all" the values you'd ever need, but... It does have 500 resistors.

Very Handy!

This is a great way to have organized resistors, something you always need and often can't find the "right" one.

Great idea

Perfect to have everything in one place. Just what I was looking for!

Handy kit

Stays neat and makes it easy for a newbie like me to find the resistor I need. I think I'll run out of the 220 and 330 ohm resistors pretty quickly, but then I can just buy those and always have the less often used ones around without having to buy them separately.

An EXCELLENT collection of resistors for noobs like me...

This is a convenient, well packaged collection which will quickly get you stocked up for just about any small project or tinker session. The bands are easy to see and the book format of the case takes up minimal space at my workstation. Couldn't be happier with it!

So cheap but so usefull

So good for beginner at analog electronics. Was building OP Amp circuits with this.

Organized well

This is a good collection of commonly used resistors, organized so you can find the one you need quickly.

Good, but requires more values

These resistors work well, I'd love to see a 1% kit to go along with this 5% kit. The only complaints I have are that the leads are quite thin (as other reviewers note), and there are no 68 derivatives other than 680Ω, which makes it difficult to get x10 gain (or /10) with op amps and such. I'd much rather have a 6.8kΩ vs 0Ω resistors.

A good pack to start

Resistors are well arranged and labeled.

Good product

The resistors work fine. The packaging is conveniently labeled with the resistor ratings on the inside and a color code chart on the outside. It does includes a bunch of zero ohm resistors that are basically useless if you're not running a pick and place machine. Might have been better to include a few extra 1Ks instead...

Resistance is … wait. A dozen other people have made this joke already. haven't they?

Does what it says on the tin. Was just a little too long to stick inside my parts drawer. but judicious application of scissors to the cardboard fixed that.

Well designed resistors with convenient organization

Every resistor I have used has worked so far. The resistors come organized in links of 25 that are stacked on top of one another on each sheet of the booklet. It's well worth the cost and will set you up for many of your next projects. I highly recommend it

Resistor kit

Good selection of resistor values and quantity.

Wish there were cap kits like this too!

I ordered three: One for my portable kit, one for my high school-aged son and one for his FIRST robotics team. No more wondering "if we have one" and no more "quick runs to Rat Shack." You nailed it with this kit, guys. Thanks!

It will fall apart

It is a good kit, nice to have for sure, but the pages kind of fall apart after a bit. Still a good buy.

Resistor Kit

Very convenient to get a reasonable qty & value range for proto board efforts.

Resistor kit

It is a excellent value for the money. Good variety and compacted organized. I recommend it.

Great variety and packing. Components quality enough for the price, not brilliant.

Pros are the way the resistors are packed, which is smart, easy for identification, handy, and the variety makes it fit all kind of projects. Cons are the ink in resistors is not no good, so it peels off a bit with use (not much) and the terminals could be thicker, they sit a bit loose in a protoboard.

Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total) Review

Nicely organized package with most if not all resistors I commonly use.

A must for any classroom on Physical Computing

Great selection and well organized. Supporting locating the right resistor without a lot of confusion. Definitely kid useable, allowing students to look at circuit layout and to quickly "kit up" their own parts.

Great for beginners

This is a great kit for beginners, nicely laid out in a folder style. Quick reference chart in the back. Would probably recommend swapping the 0Ohm for something like a 180Ohm; a 0Ohm link can be achieved with a piece of wire.

Otherwise I do recommend this kit as part of a starter electronics kit.

All the resistors you'll ever need

Easy to read guide and plenty of resistors for all your needs

Skinny Leads

This is the first time i bought electronics components and i guess i have plenty more to learn. I'm working strictly on a breadboard right now and the wires on these resistors are very narrow gauge. I've been able to fold the leads over, doubling up the width, and this seems to make them seat properly on the board. Other than the width having a nice assortment of ohm values in the book-like form factor is nice.

Simple and effective

To put it simply, this kit does exactly what it says it will. It is well organized, simply set up, and made for makers.

Good complete kit of resistors

Great assortment of resistors to have kicking around.

Great Set for the Experimenter

I needed an assortment of 1/4 Resistors for my projects and this set came in handy. The box with labels, makes it easy to identify each resistor without having to read the color coding. Hopefully a similar set for 1W resistors will be offered in the future. Great buy!

Well organized but thin

I like how this packet is easy to use and we'll organized. I would just like them to be a little thicker in gage. A little but stronger would help with breadboard work.

Nicely organized

I don't necessarily need a plastic organizer drawer, since the tri-fold makes it easy to find and collect whichever resistance is needed.

these resistors comply with Ohm's law

I noticed that while keeping the voltage constant, the current increased as I use lower resistance values. These resistors are great!

They work.

They do what they are designed to do. Five stars.

Nice selection for the price

I like the fact this kit has 25 each of common values. It's a happy me dium between buying singles and a pricier bulk kit. A lot better than spending $2 for 5 resistors at RadioShack.

Easy to use!

Well organized and makes it easy to find the resistor I need!

Great kit, great price, thin leads

This is a great kit. Lots of resistor values, very nicely organized. Good price too. My only complaint is that the leads are very thin which makes them a bit difficult to poke into a breadboard.


Contains most of the common resistor values in a handy booklet.

Resistor Album

Nice resistors kept organized

Decent value

Its a bunch of resistors in a cardboard wallet at a decent price. It's what I was looking for and meets those needs quite nicely. My time is valuable and spending alot of time spec'ing quantities of resistors from the literally millions to choose from would have been a waste of time. This was quite convenient to get the dozen or so values of 1/4W resistors I was looking for at a reasonable price. It also meets my "Buy From Sparkfun Whenever Possible" credo.....

Good Assortment, Too Thin

The leads are very thin. I have to lean the resistors in just the right positions to make good electrical contact. It's tough to debug when you trace a breadboard circuit and may have multiple resistors loose.

Well organized and high quality.

The resistor kit has a great variety and all of the leads are unbent and neatly packaged(like normal). The resistors are also organized nicely by resistance and also labeled by colors, so you don't need to know the color code to find your resistor, very nice.

Almost the best thing I ever owned

Very good selection of values and number of resistors. Very good service after order placed.

Great product

Well packaged well organized and easy to make a selection and to use.

Good, inexpensive variety

Just what I wanted: enough variety that I didn't have to plan too far ahead, and they are sorted so it's easy to find the resistor I want. The packaging is cheap paper and cardboard so the cost is low.

Perfect for beginners

My daughter uses this every day in her electrical engineering classes. It's only been two weeks and she's already learned so much.

Nice accessory for our lab

Convenient and neat storage of a good set of common resistor values. I am probably going to order the capacitor kit next

Resistor Kit 500

The quality of the resistors is not very good. The color printing on the resistors is not very good.

Nice Kit!

Good to have the needed components when I need them in New condition! Very reasonably priced too.

Now all of my resistor needs are handled.

I was glad to find this kit. I had been picking up resistors in different values here and there, either through the mail or by making trips to the store. I was keeping them in separate little plastic bags, which wasn't a great system. This kit took care of all my needs for resistors for the foreseeable future. Now if I want to tweak a circuit with a resistor that's a little stronger or weaker I have everything I need right at hand. It don't have to stop working until the next time I pick up parts.

Good selection, but not good for breadboard use.

The leads are too thin to make good contact when pressed into a breadboard. For through-hole assembly, these are good, but I'd like to see an alternative version of this kit with more breadboard-friendly leads.

For enthusiasts designing prototypes, this kit is pretty neat , package layout is conveniently small and of easy access to any included resistor is a given, of course PTH is mostly for prototype enthusiasts. In case SMD is needed a similar kit with label identifiers and would be a bonus Regards David Fredin


I was running out of resistors. I found this kit excellent, it has everything I needed.


Convenient way to keep track of resistors. My problem is that I use like 3 or 4 of the variants regularly, and the rest sit idle. Not the fault of the pack, just that a few have higher value in standard circuit design than others.

Loads of resistance

This kit includes many different resistors. I have only used 3 so far but they work perfect. All the resistors are color coded to match the resistance level with colored bands. They're also labeled inside the booklet. It's exactly what it is described as in the description.

They resist, but you shouldn't ;)

I like resistors, but they are pretty resistive. But this kit is irresistible.

Great for LED's as they make me glow. You should not resist my rhyming flow.

(BTW Good Resistors!) (Sorry for all who don't like puns/poems/weird reviews on SparkFun ;P)

Cheapy but a Goodie

Cheap AF packaging any cheaper and it'd be loose. But there ain't no better for the man at bench. Cheap and worth every cent so far.

Like the kit, wish it had a little drawer cabinet

Both the capacitor kit and the resistor kit were just what I wanted. Except when I got it I did not have enough cabinet drawers to put the resistors in by value. Got ideas?

ResistorKit -- Easy To Use & Very Convenient !!!

Resistor Kit -- 500 x 1/4 watt Easy To Use & Very Convenient !!! I'm having a Good Time with it. Thanks SparkFun !!! (or is it Really, SparksFun ??? !!! lol)

Good deal

This kit is cool but I wish they had been 1/2 watt resistors.

Great selection, and works as advertised.

Not much else to say, these resistors work perfectly for what I'm doing!

I used my bread boards and the resistors to teach my technicians about Ohm's Law and other calculations.

My Swiss Knife!

This swiss knife made my life of resistor hunting a lot easier! Intelligently selected and packaged resistors for all electronic projects! I recommend for all. Will always salute the ingenuity of Sparkfun!!! Thanks

Don't Resist these Resistors

Super useful and well-organized book of resistors. I'm all over the map with what I'm at least attempting to create on a daily basis and this range does the trick for just about all of it. So give in... Resistance is Futile...

Exactly as Advertised

So far, no duds or anything that makes me think the resistors are low quality. The wire gauge is a little lighter than you get if you order all of one type of resistor from Sparkfun.

Really convenient

Not only has table showing colors, but each 'page' is labeled with the resistor values on that page. As much as I take geek pride in know my resistor colors -- this is a great time saver.

Its a good selection of resistors

I'm learning how to create electronic circuits and this kit provides every resistor you will need to get you started. I also like the fact that it includes a color legend on the package to read your resistors values. Resistors are well organized.

The Best Thing for Science Olympiad

This is exactly the product that my students needed to test branch currents and voltage drops for resistors in series, parallel and delta circuits. The fact that these are 1/4 W resistors turns out to be a good thing too. My students learned how a 6 V dry cell connected to a 0 ohm resister fries the resistor. A great demonstration of P = V * A and that a big P fries a 1/4 W resistor.

Great kit in a small packaging

I like the kit, has pretty much all the needed resistors for any project. My only complain is the packaging, as basically once you take one resistor off, you cannot put back on. You need an additional box to keep them after

RE: Resistor Kit

Hello...this is a nice kit. It has plenty of resistors and I need them for projects.


I Love this kit!

I have used this several times since ordering it and the best part is the way it is organized. While the holder is thin cardboard, it is clearly labeled so I can open the kit and go straight to the page that has the value I am looking for very quickly. This makes it optimal while making a project since I don't have to stop and look at the color code or meter it out.

I plan on buying another one or two even!

Everything I expected

No resistance here to this product.

Resistance is futile

Artificial intelligence, gene modification, and self-driving cars are causing fear and uncertainty about how technology is changing our lives.

Exactly What I Needed

I wasn't really sure what resistors I needed, so I selected this kit. It turns out the kit was exactly what I needed, a wide variety and plenty of each. I wanted to make sure I understood the color coding, so after selecting a resistor by color code, I tested my selections, and the resistances were as specified.

Very nice kit.

The resistor kit is a great value for what you get.

Resistor Kit

It is a great product. It helps students learn color codes and is organized so it is easy to find a resistor that is needed.


I needed a basic pack of resistors and here it is. Enough 1/8th watt resistors that I can use teaching my grandkids electronics and Arduino.


It's so useful, you must have one of these in your drawer! SparkFun has conveniently put together a complete set at a very fair price.

Very good variety

Got 2 packs of these and it’s gonna be more than I need for a long while. Very helpful for small circuits and for Arduino projects

Well Organized

I love the ease in finding the resistor's I need. I will be placing them in a Cabinet soon.

Works Well!

Color-coded, easily accessible and works as it should.

It exactly what I expect

It nice set, help with HW debugging

Very Convenient

It's very quick and easy to find the value I need. I love that they are not using those #@% blue-body resistors that make it impossible to read the color code. I would not have purchased it if they did.

Super thin leads but nice packaging

I really like this kit for small tool boxes. Nice packaging for keeping organized. But, the leads are very thin (.3mm ~ 28 AWG). They are hard to push into breadboards without some tweezers or needle nose pliers. But they seem to be working great for my projects.

Excellent kit

Wide range of sizes and well identified for ease of selection. I have used for many PC board projects and proto board projects.

They work great

Great selection and many more than I’ll ever use


The resistors arrived in really bad shape. It is also inconsistent so I actually had to measure the resistors with multimeter to see if it is up to the labeled spec every time I need to put a resistor in a circuit.

Sorry to hear you had issues with this kit.

If you want to fill out a return ticket we can take care of you:

Nice packaging, nice to NOT see plastic...

Going to use them in an upcoming project, have only used one, but so far, so good!

I wish this was available in 1/2W

The 1/2 W are easier to breadboard. Having said that I suspect 1/2 W are no longer available as tape/reel and the price for these is waaay lower than the 1/2 W kits I've cobbled together elsewhere.

Excellent Customer Service

The resistor kit is as described. I’ve not used any resistors yet but I’m planning to in the near future. The resistor are clearly marked and packaged for easy storage and access.

More important than the resistors was the excellent customer service I received on the order that included them, but was missing the LED kit I also ordered.

The order arrived Friday (three days after it was placed) minus the LED kit. I sent an email Saturday calling attention to the missing LEDs (expecting an answer on maybe Monday or Tuesday) and got a response the next day, Sunday. The LEDs were shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday. Customer service doesn’t get any better than that!

I’m very happy with my first order and expect to return often to purchase other components.

Great assortment of resistors - easy to find and use

I wish I had found this last year -- it's got all of the values I need in a well organized and clearly labeled accordion-folded package.

Resistors - sorted!

In order of resistance and labeled along the inside spine.

Might help to put a rubber band or strap around it, to keep the book-like shape from opening up on its own.

some resistors

my 2 year old grand son and I are experiencing light emitting diodes .

next will be compasses and coils of wire and batteries.

trying to work up to action at a distance.

thanks for the efforts ! dick farrell

I never got it

I got an email asking me to review a resistor kit order. It was missing from my order, so...

Head over to and we'll get ya fixed up!

Engineering Class Supply

Good Product. Reliable vendor, reliable products.

Does what it's supposed to.

This product delivers as promised. You get a LOT of a LOT of different values of resistors. They are clearly labeled. They are color coded like you'd expect. The booklet format is convenient and easy to read.

Buying this product is much simpler than picking out all the resistors yourself.

This is especially recommended if you are getting started in building circuits and can't predict exactly what you'll want in advance. This kit covers all your low-power needs.

Nice resistor assortment

The resistors do the job they're meant for. The labelling and resistor color chart on the packaging are clear and helpful. The packaging is pretty cheap and I imagine it would fall apart quickly if you carried this around a lot, but it does exactly the job I bought it for.

Resistor kit

A nice balanced set for experimenting with circuits. it was organized well and compact.


exactly what i needed. And 500 mixed is perfect

A Necessity For Any Project

I got one of these for Christmas and I have no complaints except for the fact that the labels on the inside are out of order and I couldn't find half of the resistors.

Easy to find the right value

Replaces my hodgepodge drawer of misc. resistors. Nicely organized.

good for me

i like it

Resistor kit

A real time saver. It's the perfect kit to have in my parts larder. When I need a resistor for what ever I happen to be working on. I just reach for my stock of resistors, pluck out the one(s) I need and keep working.

A Mandatory Part of Anyone's Electrical Toolbox

The description for this product is pretty spot on. Many circuits will need resistors and this kit has such a variety, you likely won't need to worry about whether or not you have the right resistor. The little book they come in is a nice organizer, easy to carry with all resistors neatly sorted and attached on tape rolls. It fit perfectly in my toolbox and I have been the resistor guru among my peers. If you build circuits, or plan to begin building circuits, this product will be as helpful as any breadboard, soldering iron or multimeter. Highly recommended.

Quality Kit of resistors

This kit is exactly as described; LOTS of resistors. I like how it folds out, and It really is nice to know that I have so may resistors to choose from. I have this nagging feeling though that I'm going to run out of a specific resistor one day and be shocked.

Comes very neatly organized and orderly

I've ordered large groups of resistors in the past, and they all show up out of order and you have to go through and interpret some chicken scratch they wrote as to what the value was and then hope they sent you all they promised and didn't forget pr duplicate any. This one comes nice, neat, and organized. Very much worth it.

Better than expected

I needed a few extra resistors that this kit provided that I didn't already have laying around. The resistors are all pinned inside this kit and it shows you which ones are which value. All of my other resistors are in a binder and split out into different sections and I loved that. Ever since I got this though, I haven't used the binder at all. Glad I ended up getting this kit.

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Great for breadboard development

I was able to use these parts for my breadboard kits. Its easy to try new resistors to get things right.

Saves time when focused on building

When i am organizing components for a circuit its great to have this kit on hand. Dont have to do a BBROYGBVGW each time.

Awesome resistor kit

It has all the value resistors nicely arranged and is really handy in use.

Happy with this product!

Great deal!!'

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Best thing I ever owned