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Customer #394005's Wish List from Cart

Member #394005 16 items

diabetes gadget items

items to play with before case design...

DCRD Scoreboard Mk 1

Goomba 44 items

As described by Q from the Los Alamos Derby Dames

Hazardous Gas Sensor

jenfoxbot 25 items

Materials to build a hazardous gas sensor for liquid propane...


Member #803875 4 items

I have most of the basic tools for these kits and other...

Basic Robotic Car

Member #801107 15 items

Everything you need (except a 9V battery and solder/gun) to...

IOIO-OTG Hookup Guide

SFE Engineering 5 items

Items needed to get started with the IOIO-OTG

Sensor Kit - DEV-13754

M-Short 22 items

This kit includes a sensor for just about every job. With...