Washing machine repair in Dubai

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Modern washing machines have drastically streamlined the washing process, making them important household companions. The variety of washing machine manufacturers and types is always improving and growing. All automated machines have sophisticated electronics that monitor and manage their processes.

Malfunction of your washing machine can create discomfort in the house because you have to go to the laundry or even wash linens, kitchen towels, and clothes by hand. You don't have to replace broken appliances with new ones because that takes quite a bit of money. 

If breakdowns occur, it is more advantageous to perform Bosch washing machine repair in Dubai. After a thorough diagnosis: replace the disabling nodes, mechanisms, parts, or simple maintenance. Our service of household services can solve such problems.

Why choose us?

Our company provides services of washing machine repair in Dubai of different brands and models. It is many years of experience in these services. During this time, we have studied our customers' needs and appreciate each client's time, so we try to perform all repairs in the shortest possible time and at your place. Our advantages:

  • Use of quality spare parts. Our company uses only quality and original components when replacing parts, not equal spare parts. Our warehouse is constantly replenishing everything you need. To restore the performance of your machine, we always have these materials in stock;

  • It is convenient and profitable. We offer LG Fridge Repair Dubai at the home, office, cottage, etc., at democratic prices for all our customers without exception. Even if you called or left a request at night, we will call you back from the beginning of the working day. The master arrives as soon as the request is clarified. There is no need to wait for the wizard at an inconvenient time. Make an order in advance, a day or more. We transport your equipment to the workshop only with sporadic exceptions, if it is necessary, which does not entail additional inconvenience. 

  • Our company can afford to provide the potential customer with professional, urgent, and convenient service, but also sufficiently inexpensive in terms of the ratio "price-quality ." Therefore, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with our services!

  • Professionalism and experience of employees. Over the years, we have selected a team of professionals. Our masters are constantly improving and increasing their knowledge in this area. Therefore, referring to our service, you will receive only qualified and timely assistance;

  • A wide range of services. We carry out all kinds of repairs from the simplest to the capital. We carry out installation and dismantling works. Assist with the initial setup and connection of the device. Servicing equipment for preventive maintenance;

  • Warranty after repair. Each of our clients receives a contract for the work performed. As practice shows, there are usually no problems beyond the warranty period. Therefore, we are confident in the quality of our repair work.

What washing machine repair services do we offer

When contacting our home service, the customer can place an order for Samsung washing machine repair in Dubai service on our website and over the phone. 

The master procures additional units, spare parts, components, and parts if necessary. Our employee will agree on the amount, nature, type, and composition of the essential works and, as soon as possible, will pick up the performer's profile and clarify the visit's time.

Here's a list of the work our marketplace technician performs:

  • During the first visit, our master quickly, accurately, and professionally diagnose, assess the type of failure, and orienteer how much it costs to repair the washing machine;

  • The work is done accurately and cleaned up after the repair;

  • Be sure to give instructions, advice, and practical tips on the proper use of technology and explain the individual nuances and the professional details of this model;

  • Will explain the probable causes of arisen failures;

  • Will professionally carry out the replacement of obsolete devices, units, blocks, and systems, check the electronics, and repair the detected faults.

Common problems with the washing machine

Washing machine leaks

Water usually leaks through damage in one of the hoses: to the supply or for the drain. The cause of this malfunction can be the drying out of the hose or in the old gasket. The master will check both cuffs and replace the old one with a new one.

Does not start the washing mode

The first thing to inspect is the plug and socket cord. If the socket is serviceable and the indicator lights turn on when the machine is plugged in, then the wizard will look for the cause of the malfunction in the electronic control unit. Also, the reason may lie in violating the integrity of the door lock since it is provided that the washing mode will not start if the hatch is closed with a breach of tightness.

The hatch does not latch

If the hatch does not seal when the door latches, the sensor or electronic control unit may be the cause. The handyman on call has the sensors to fix such a malfunction.


When you start the wash at 90-950C, 600C, and 400C, the water heats slowly or does not heat. The cause is in the heater. It may be covered with salts, which do not allow the part to perform its task as a heat conductor. Or the terminals are loose. As a result, the piece has exhausted its service life.

Water is not being pumped out of the tank, or a loud hum is heard when draining

These signs indicate that the pump is broken or clogged. First, the master will clean it, and if this measure has not corrected the situation, replace the part.

The drum does not rotate

This is a serious malfunction, the cause of which can be an engine failure, a broken bearing, or a broken pulley (drive belt).

The cost of fixing the machine

The cost of the wizard can vary. Often the price is influenced by the following factors:

  • The level of complexity of the work performed.

  • During diagnostics, new circumstances are revealed that the customer could not inform the operator.

  • The price also changes if the components are replaced.

The exact amount of adjustment can be determined only after completing a general diagnosis

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